Solana Becomes The First Blockchain To Integrate Chatgpt & AI!

    The Blockchain Solana has successfully incorporated a ChatGPT plugin developed by Solana Labs, making it the first-ever integration of artificial intelligence with a Layer 1 network. Let’s get into it!l

    Just months after they launched their Web3-centric smartphone, the Saga, Solana strikes again! In a press release on May 23rd, the Solana Foundation announced this significant development.

    And according to Anatoly Yakovenko, co-founder of Solana, developers creating consumer-oriented applications should consider how their apps will interact with AI models. 

    He said: “Every developer building consumer-oriented apps should be thinking about how their app is going to be interacted with through an AI model because this is a new paradigm for telling computers what to do.”

    Basically, He believes that this integration compares it to the transformative impact of Microsoft Windows and the computer mouse when they were first introduced. 

    Is he right about that?

    Why Solana?

    Blockchain Integration

    Solana’s affordability and speed for transactions compared to other blockchains can simplify the process of executing transactions within the ChatGPT interface. 

    In detail, Yakovenko explains that a good user experience requires both speed and cost advantages, which Solana provides.

    What will Solana’s Chatgpt integration achieve?

    With Solana’s integration of ChatGPT, users will be able to perform various actions like:

    • Token transfer.
    • Transaction inspection.
    • Interpretation of public account data.
    • Purchase of NFTs. 

    These capabilities will be directly accessible through ChatGPT using a downloadable plugin available on GitHub.

    Basically, instead of reading an 800-page document on a Solana-based project, the AI does it for you!

    Solana developers have connected ChatGPT to a Remote Procedure Call (RPC) node. This enables users to read blockchain data and send transactions across different networks. 

    The plugin functions similarly to a text-based block explorer. However, it still lacks the ability to perform on-chain functions like minting NFTs at the moment.

    Will it advance to that in the future?

    What Do People Think?

    A lot of people seem excited about this new prospect…

    However, others are still a bit skeptical…

    Solana Believes in The Future of Chatgpt & AI

    In addition to Solana’s Chatgpt integration, the foundation has increased the funding in its grants program focused on AI to $10 million. This is a tell-tale sign of them supporting AI… 

    They have also initiated a three-month accelerator program designed for university students that are conducting experiments involving blockchain and AI. 

    Participants in the program have already developed projects such as the “Ask Solana U chatbot”.

    In detail, this project addresses queries related to Solana’s development, and “Solana Audits AI,” a solution that enhances security for Solana-based programs.

    As always, stay tuned for more!


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