When The Sneaker Game Gets Fun: Sponge Bob X Nike Kyrie Collection

    If you’re looking for a change, a more cheerful, colorful, and fun take on sneakers, you gotta check the all-new Sponge Bob X Nike Kyrie collection. The beloved fictional underwater world is making its debut in the sneaker industry as a 5-sneakers capsule embodying the characters we love the most. And yes I said “we” because we all, explicitly or secretly, love this show!

    Sponge Bob X Nike Kyrie Sneakers

    First, let’s admit that Nike’s done a pretty remarkable job with this capsule. Unlike what happened with the Adidas DBZ collection. Every pair embodied its character so accurately. With meticulous color schemes, and signature details.

    This upcoming collection rewards the 5 main characters of the series, each with their own colorway. Sponge Bob, Patrick Star, and Squidward are represented by the Nike Kyrie 5. On the other side, Mr. Krabs and Sandy Cheeks get to revamp the Kyrie 2 low.

    All five sneakers will feature their character’s face on the insole, and we might also see the release of a matching apparel capsule. Watch the video for the full collection.

    Nike Kyrie 5

    Sponge bob Kyrie 5

    SpongeBob’s spongy porous yellow body takes over the uppers and center of his Kyrie 5. With red and brown accents on the midsoles and outsoles hinting at his iconic outfit. Add to that a yellow wavy Swoosh and you get the perfect embodiment of our favorite sea sponge.

    Our favorite BFF Patrick gets a pair of vibrant pink Kyrie 5 with circles across the uppers nodding to seastars’ suckers. While his unforgettable green and purple shorts appear on the midsole and outsole.

    Krusty Krab‘s cashier, Squidward is also represented by a Kyrie 5, dressed in seafoam green and light blue and completed by a honey-colored heel unit.


    Nike Kyrie 2 Low

    SpongeBob’s boss Mr. Krabs’ will get a bold red Kyrie Low 2 with blue and gold accents. In addition to a green money print on the toe and ankle collar.

    And finally, our favorite Texan squirrel Sandy Cheeks gets a very special all-white Kyrie Low 2, with hints and details of her astronaut suit.

    Sponge Bob X Nike Release Information

    The complete Nike Kyrie Sponge Bob collection will drop on August 10th, 2019. As for the retail price, it’ll be $130 for the Kyrie 5s, and $110 for the Kyrie 2 Lows.


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