Sports Illustrated is taking NFT Ticketing To The Future 

    The NFT world is opening up many doors for investments and new projects. Sports Illustrated, the famous sports magazine, is redefining the world of NFTs with its new NFT-related project. The Box Office project is set to change the whole meaning of NFT Ticketing. The whole project is set around creating a ticketing platform, like TicketMaster, and integrating NFTs into the system so that people can use it for multiple purposes. Let’s dig in. 

    Sports Illustrated: The NFT Ticketing Future

    Sports Illustrated’s ticketing system ‘SI Tickets’ issued on May 2nd the ‘Box Office’ platform. The new platform is a self-service event management and primary ticketing system powered by the Polygon Blockchain. The announcement on Tuesday says it will be the world’s first complete NFT ticket service.  Built in conjunction with Web3 software developer ConsenSys. Box Office allows event owners, organizers, and hosts the ability to create, manage and promote a fully scalable, paid. Or free ticketed live sporting events through a feature called ‘Super Ticket.’   

    David Lane, SI Tickets’ CEO, said in a press release that the goal of the marketplace from the outset was to “disrupt the primary ticket market.”

    Through Super Ticket, attendees can scan their NFTs for expedited entry passes, drink coupons, and music downloads. Before the event and can receive post-event video content and rewards thereafter. 

    Will The Box Office Be A Hit?

    This Sports Illustrated NFT Ticketing experience is bound to evoke multiple views and opinions. The question remains, Will this project be a hit or not? The project has only been out for a day so there are no statistics to prove this theory. 

    But we can tell that is NFT Ticketing experience will be a unique one and that is just by the amount of media coverage that the announcement got. The Sports magazine is a worldwide name for its sports news obviously. But what people mostly anticipate is the magazine cover and the model posing for the issue. 

    And the community’s reaction to the project is present in just one tweet: 

    Other Ticketing Services

    Si Ticket’s ‘Box Office’ is surprisingly not the first NFT Ticketing service. Yes, it is the first complete service but not the first project to venture into the ticketing department. 

    • Yellow Heart: Yellowheart is an NFT Marketplace focused on providing ticketing solutions for the music and entertainment industry. The Yellowheart platform also doubles as an NFT Marketplace for collectible NFTs that coincide with upcoming events. 
    • Guts: GUTS offers digital smart tickets, fraud prevention, reselling, and ticketing for all markets including theatres, concerts, live streams, festivals, and more.
    • Wicket: WICKET is an Italian NFT ticketing platform that offers digital smart tickets, selling & resale, and analytics. They offer ticketing solutions for all markets like theatres, nightclubs, concerts, festivals, business events, and more. WICKET aims to eliminate secondary ticketing from the Italian market by selling verifiable NFT tickets. 
    • NFT Tix: NFT TiX is a non-custodial, L1 Ethereum-based but multichain-capable platform, which can seamlessly integrate with any other EVM-compatible chain like Polygon, Arbitrum, BSC, Avalanche, or Fantom.
    • Seatlab: Seatlab is an NFT Marketplace. Their solution aims to take on the secondary ticket Marketplace to allow resale with royalties to allow increased revenue for organizers. They will also offer NFT collectibles through airdrops and their Marketplace.

    Sports Illustrated 

    Sports Illustrated (SI) is an American sports magazine first published in August 1954. Founded by Stuart Scheftel. It was the first magazine with a circulation of over one million to win the National Magazine Award for General Excellence twice. 

    It also has a reputation for its annual swimsuit issue, which has been in publishing since 1964. And has spawned other complementary media works and products. 

    Final Statement

    Lastly, the NFT Ticketing future is changing into a better one. With a big media outlet like Sports Illustrated joining in on the party. Many companies and events lately have been deciding to double their tickets as NFTs like film festivals and even airlines. Moreover, this project is a way to make real-life events become tokenized as NFTs. The use of NFTs as tickets to live events has often been touted as a potential mass-market use case of Web3 technology. A major name such as Sports Illustrated weighing into the sector may give NFT Ticketing some additional momentum. 


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