The Starbucks NFT Siren Collection Sold Out In 20 Minutes!

    The Starbucks Odyessy beta program was launched back in 2022. The loyalty program was definitely a hit with coffee lovers and now the series continues with the siren collection. The Starbucks NFT Siren collection is a 2000-stamp collection that one can access by invitation only. Within 20 minutes of its release, this limited-edition collection was sold out Let’s dig in.

    Starbucks Odyssey 

    The Starbucks Odyssey collection has its release back in 2022. The system was built upon the already existing Starbucks Rewards program. The rewards program is a system where customers can collect ‘stars’ and in return earn other perks like a free coffee. Additionally, Starbucks Odyssey is a way to broaden the types and number of rewards customers can have by introducing NFTs and Web3 technologies. Moreover, the Odyssey continues in the Starbucks NFT Siren collection 

    Starbucks NFT Siren Collection

    The Starbucks NFT Siren collection is a limited edition of the Starbucks Odyssey collection. The collection launched on March 9, 2023, for beta users of the platform offering up to 2000 NFTs which sold for $100 apiece. And ultimately the collection was sold out in 20 minutes. Each unique piece of artwork is inspired by the brand’s iconic logo a “super mermaid,” as the company once described it. Each user was able to purchase up to two of the Starbucks NFT siren collection stamps. And each came with 1,500 bonus points that a user can use to “level up” their Odyssey account to earn future rewards. In addition, secondary sales soared with the floor price of a Siren Stamp above $550 as of press time. 

    Secondary Market Stamps

    As we have already discussed prior that the Starbucks Odyessy program works on users earning rewards. And some of these rewards are ‘stamps’ like the Starbucks NFT siren collection. Previously, stamps that had been unlocked by members by completing various tasks have already hit the Nifty Gateway secondary market, and are not the cheapest. 

    The first Starbucks NFT, the Holiday cheer Edition 1 stamp has made an appearance on secondary markets despite being a free giveaway initially. 

    Multiple editions have sold for more than $1,000 apiece which is ridiculous for a Starbucks NFT. And some even reached a whopping $1900. 

    Final Statement

    Lastly, the Starbucks NFT Siren collection is one step toward integrating NFTs into our daily lives. I mean who can’t start hir or her day with coffee? And what better way to reward your coffee addiction than by investing in an NFT? The NFT market is not a safe space, but one cannot deny the fact that it is holding up well. And dare I say that it is growing in a good shape for this year. So, how about we jump on the bandwagon and join the Starbucks Odessy program? In the end, we’ll take any excuse to get Starbees right? 


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