Street Machine NFTs Break Through the Bearish Market!

    Street Machine NFTs dropped less than two weeks ago and are already the talk of the NFT world! I’m not even trying to exaggerate, hear me out.

    On the 7th of October, the mint price of this collection was 0.01 ETH for whitelists and 0.03 ETH for the public. Now that’s a rather affordable mint price, right? It was basically between 13$ and 40$. Who would have known that as of today, the floor price of a single Stree Machine NFT would reach 0.475 ETH?! Just to phrase it better, it means that right now if you are a holder of this NFT you can sell it for a minimum of $617.31! HOW THE HELL IS THIS POSSIBLE? Let’s try to understand it together!

    Street Machine NFT Project: The Breakdown   

    Oh, did I mention that the actual art of the Street Machine NFT itself is not revealed yet? Exactly. We did a little scoop over the website and compiled graphics that “could” possibly be the hidden NFTs. Check them out below! This collection is already doing so well with 2,684 unique owners willing to trust a “hidden” NFT.  I’ll let the numbers speak for the success with a 24-hour sales volume of 83.42 ETH and a total market cap of $5,138,626.84.


    • NFT Supply: 8,000 
    • Floor Price: 0.475 ETH (at the time of writing) 
    • Blockchain: Ethereum 
    • Rarity Level: High – Over 500 different traits + 1-of-1 Unique NFTs

    The Concept 

    This is a project with a core concept. Street Machine is beyond an NFT, it’s destined to be the first web3 anime brand. NFTs are just the starting point, serving as access tickets to what lies ahead. At its heart the whole thing is story-driven. The creators intend to bring each NFT character to life with arcs of life and death. What’s so interesting about every step they take is the idea to include the community in the storytelling process. Apparently, holding this NFT entitles you to take part in crafting the storyline of Street Machine. 

    The Art 

    If poetry could represent itself in graphics, it would be the aesthetics of this collection. Especially for an Anime and Manga lover. The creative mind behind this outstanding art is Spenser. He deserves an everlasting standing ovation. Why? Because in this digital era he chose to hand-draw every post, illustration, stroke, and trait from scratch. Just imagine the amount of time, talent, and dedication it took him. 

    Just so you know, SpenzerG is an award-winning video game artist. His portfolio encompasses many interesting creations such as PUBG, King of Glory, and Venom 2. Drawn to robots and anime at a young age, this artist found inspiration from various talented mentors such as Jung Gi Kim, Yoji Shinkawa, and Kunio Okawara.

    Street MAchine covers

    The Utilities

    The creators claim that they are just starting out with NFTs and their manga-style graphic novel. They’re following the trend to “underpromise and underdeliver” therefore, they don’t give us exact details. Yet, they do tease us by mentioning a universe where these NFT characters could exist. The hints are somehow clear, especially with SpenzerG’s background in game design. There seems to be a game in the making! 

    What’s also great to note is how they mention that the NFTs are a means to raise funds to make the IP (Intellectual Property) available for holders to co-own. In a nutshell, if you hold a Streets Machine NFT will be given commercial rights. So, you can use it anywhere. It’s similar to what BAYC NFTs entitle you to with the CCO license. That’s not all! The Street Machine team is not interested in having a “whale role status”. This means that they don’t plan on keeping a big portion of the collection’s NFTs for themselves. They are literally putting it all in the hands of the community. 

    sm nft GANG

    On their website, they give you 8 reasons to join the Street Machine community. Here’s a brief recap: 

    • Flaunt owning great art. 
    • Be part of the next great anime brand on web3.
    • Join a passionate community of like-minded people.
    • Unlock future upgrades, mints, and airdrops exclusive to holders.
    • Access to holders-only physical merch and toys.
    • Enjoy constantly updated content to keep the fresh vibes going.
    • NFTs are only the beginning. There’s more.

    Why Is This NFT Collection Doing So Well?

    The Street Machine Collection is obviously doing so well. I really can not pinpoint the exact reason or strategy that made the success of this collection so big. Probably due to them trying to reach the hearts of the community. The hand-drawn illustrations are very intimate and attractive. The way they made the mint affordable is a kind gesture. Also, the list of collaborators and partners is impressive. It’s a whole package. Now if u follow in their footsteps will you produce the same success? No one can ever guarantee that. 

    SM NFT Merch

    The team didn’t profit so much from their launch, considering all the hard work they put in. The total gain from the launch was between $108,000 and $324,000. Which, trust me, is a modest sum in comparison to other launches in the NFT world. They do however raise their royalty fees, or creator fees, to 7.5%. Which is totally justifiable given all the intricate work put into the creation of these NFTs.

    When it comes to collaborations and partners, the team sure chose well. The collaboration that stands out the most is the Ape list. As you know Ape List is a community for BAYC, MAYC, Cryptopunks, Meebits, and Kodas NFT Holders. Where and how could this collab/partnership go? We have to wait and see. 

    Check out for yourselves some NFT projects and NFT Marketplaces joining forces with Street Machine.

    Should You Invest in Street Machine NFTs?

    Financial-wise, the decision has to be yours. Always carefully research your NFTs before investing. Another important thing to help you decide on good NFT investments is NFT tools. Check out this article and familiarize yourself with the importance and uses of NFT Tools. Now if we are to talk about the Street Machine NFTs from an Art-curating perspective, it is definitely worth a shot. I know the actual NFTs are not revealed yet but the graphics overwhelming the website are to-die-for. Nonetheless, this is a very impressive and ambitious project. Kudos to them for breaking into a bearish ruthless market. 


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