30+ Streetwear Brands That Everyone Is Wearing This Year

A red box with white text inside, what could it be? You definitely know that it’s Supreme. That’s just one of the many brands we love and adore. But with so many streetwear brands to keep up with, we thought it was only fair to make a list and give you a little background so you’re more literate than all of your friends!

How did streetwear become a thing?

1920s streetwear
1920s Streetwear

100 years ago, who would have imagined it would be okay to put on a t-shirt and jeans and call it an outfit? Times have changed and made way for streetwear to flourish. In the middle of the 20th century, men began to ditch their suits and hats for leather jackets and jeans. Yeah, it was the typical fuccboi attire your grandpa wore to win over your grandma. Since then, menswear changed rapidly leading to where we are today.

Pinpointing the root, many people attribute streetwear to California’s surf and skate culture. In addition, because the Golden State houses Hollywood, it’s only natural that the fashion prominent in the region was shared with the rest of the world through movies.

Streetwear includes aspects of different subcultures like hip hop, grunge, punk, athletic fashion, Japanese street fashion, and more. Items of streetwear fashion include sweaters, hoodies, t-shirts, beanies, hats, jackets, jeans, and other accessories.

Characteristics of Streetwear

streetwear brands style types

What are some streetwear brands?

Below is a list of brands you would definitely see people casually wearing if you go to the mall in some major city around the world. The list is much larger than the ones featured below, but these are some of the most popular ones. 

streetwear brands

A major factor that differentiates the popular and memorable streetwear brands from others is their level of growth. Some brands randomly come up but have a short lifespan, but others work hard to keep living and developing.

Why are streetwear brands so expensive?

In recent years, the lines between high-end luxury and streetwear brands have started to blur. Fashion houses took a new direction, going into streetwear. One of the most prominent events of 2018 to prove this idea is when Louis Vuitton took in Virgil Abloh. Brands like Supreme and Off White now have as similar an impact as LV and Gucci do.

But if you think about it, streetwear isn’t actually expensive. A couple of t-shirts and hoodies- it’s not like it’s made of gold. I won’t deny that these items are made of good quality material. But the most defining point, the reason why these retailers will price up their items, is because they only release a limited stock. And usually, like in the case of Supreme, they will never restock an item.

Where to buy streetwear brands?

Aside from shopping on their official websites, you can find certain brands available for purchase at an array of retailers that sell high-end brands. Here are some of the retailers:

Streetwear brands places

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