Studio Dragon’s Collab With For New NFT Collection

    The global cryptocurrency platform has announced a Studio Dragon collab. Studio Dragon is a Korean production studio and distributor. The NFT collection is based on  Korean Drama Series. Initially, the first collab will feature NFTs inspired by the dramas “Crash Landing On You” and “Start-Up.” The Studio Dragon collab will serve as an entry for Korean culture and arts into the global market. Let’s dig in. 

    The and Studio Dragon Collab

    The and Studio Dragon collab was signed last year in August. But it is finally seeing the light this year. The collab became public this week. And in a press release, notes that the first batch of NFTs will debut on February 8 and be based on Studio Dragon’s art toy DearRo. You can check out the collection here.

    The DearRo art collection is basically a dragon who likes to watch K-Dramas. And it enjoys dressing up and imitating the main characters. The collection will consist of 500 NFTs in total. Following the release, however, two global drama IPs and six main character costume cards will be introduced. 


    Founded in 2016, is trusted by more than 80 million customers worldwide and is the industry leader in regulatory compliance, security, and privacy. is committed to accelerating the adoption of cryptocurrency through innovation and empowering the next generation of builders, creators, and entrepreneurs to develop a fairer and more equitable digital ecosystem.

    Studio Dragon 

    Founded through the separation of CJ ENM’s drama business, Studio Dragon is a premium storyteller group that contains everything from content planning and development to financing, production, and distribution. As Asia’s largest drama studio with 207 global premium IPs, the company produces more than 30 drama series annually. With 299 key creators distributing them to more than 200 countries. The company has been expanding the global audience for K-dramas by creating unique and compelling drama series. And this Studio Dragon collab will proceed to further expand its popularity in Web3.

     Previous Collab attempts

    Before the Studio Dragon collab happened. was trying to integrate the Korean market to reach the South Asian community. According to Patrick Yoon, General Manager of the exchange in Korea, the partnership “will allow both companies to develop new ways for fans around the world to experience K contents.”

    He goes on to add that “ will continue to collaborate with large content studios and management companies on their IPs and introduce Korean culture and arts to our 80 million users worldwide.”

    Studio Dragon is not the only Korean company to venture into the crypto and NFT worlds. There has been significant traffic in the Korean NFT market. Mainly major Korean music labels such as  HYBE, SM, YG, JPY, and Cube have all declared interest in NFTs and the metaverse

    Final Statement

    The Korean industry is expanding rapidly over the world. From music, dramas, movies, and more. Therefore, it comes as no surprise when we see the Hallyu wave has reached the NFT world as well. The and Studio Dragon collab may be the first of its nature. But it definitely will not be the last for sure. What do you think of this collab? Will the hype be worth it?


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