Super Puma NFT Supply Takes 40 Minutes To Sell Out

    Another day, another web2 top brand joined this space. Super Puma NFT’s mint took place yesterday at 10 AM EST. Let’s just say, it wasn’t one of the most successful drops we’ve seen. It took them 40 minutes to sell a 4K supply. And, the floor price fluctuated big time. Then, they airdropped Nitro holders with another 4K NFTs. Yeah… a lot to unpack. Let’s jump right in. 

    What’s Super Puma NFT?

    Super Puma NFT is a collection of 10K PFPs celebrating Puma’s 75th anniversary. It’s complementary to the Nitro Collection. What would you get if you have a Super Puma NFT? Access to branded products and merch among other perks. We’ve already fully covered the project’s details here

    The 10K supply was divided into the following: 

    • 2K minted for collaboration (pre-WL mint)
    • 4K for public mint
    • 4K to be airdropped to Nitro NFT holders (3 hours after supply sells out)

    20% minted

    Supply Took So Long To Mint

    The mint was for 0.15 ETH (approx $248.71 per the ETH rate at the time of writing). And, it was supposed to happen in three phases yesterday: 

    • White List Mint opens at 10AM EST
    • Wait List Mint opens at 12PM EST (if supply lasts)
    • Public Mint opens at 2PM EST (if supply lasts)

    The WL was overallocated which means blood bath and gas wars. It was expected for the supply to sell out in seconds. Reminder, the supply for WL mint is only 4K. 

    However, it took 40 minutes for the collection to sell out. 40 minutes for a hyped project, and a top brand, is not impressive. There have been projects that sold out in 30 seconds. 

    Minters Faced A Gas War and Technical Issues

    It was on a first come, first serve basis. Super PUMA NFT mint caused a gas war. Some paid 0.0133 ETH while others paid 1 ETH + per the data by NFTGo.

    Super Puma Mint Feed

    Super Puma Mint Feed 2

    Besides the gas war, minters were facing errors trying to mint via the website. It was a common complaint during the mint on the project’s Discord channel. 

    Discord Mint Error

    Needless to say, WL holders were enraged that they weren’t able to mint. And, that the website kept bugging even after they pressed approve gas fees. 

    Website Error For Super Puma NFT

    Super Puma NFT Sees Huge Floor Price Fluctuations

    As mentioned above, the supply was expected to mint out MUCH faster. However, it didn’t. It took way longer than expected which lead to panic selling. The floor price saw a lot of ups and downs in a short period of time.

    3 minutes after the mint started, FP hit 0.22 ETH. 3 minutes later it dropped  to 0.195 ETH. It even went all the way down to 0.16 ETH at one point. Then, it went back up. Super PUMA NFT floor price currently suits at 0.23 ETH

    Checking the floor price chart by alphasharks below, you can clearly see the fluctuation. 

    Super PUMA NFT Floor Price Chart

    Due to this, holders were unable to make noticeable profit. Looking at the project profit leaderboard on icytools, the top 1 made 0.94 ETH. That’s around 1.5K USD so not much for the top 1 to be fair. 

    Profit Leaderboard Super Puma NFT

    Airdrop Fails To Pump The Floor Price

    Remember I said there was a 4K supply dedicated to airdrop Nitro NFT holders? Yes. Holders were looking forward to the airdrop. And, some even hyped it up saying it will cause the floor price to pump to 1 ETH. 

    Needless to say, it didn’t do that. Super PUMA NFT is still at 0.23 ETH post-airdrop. However, a 4 THOUSAND supply cna make or break a collection. So, it didn’t cause an increase, yes. But, we didn’t see the floor price dip so that’s good. 

    What’s The Final Verdict?

    Super Puma NFT drop wasn’t the most successful drop ever. But, it was good. The collection has made 1.2k ETH in sales volume in 24 hours. And, they stood their ground even after airdropping 4K NFTs. They also haven’t revealed yet and said they have fun and cool things planned. Their reveal mechanism can make the collection shoot up to 1 ETH. Gotta keep our eyes peeled. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to always stay up to date with the latest news.


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