Superb Supreme Collaborations In The Past Year

    When any two companies come together in the fashion world, it’s a big deal. Collaborations in sneaker design started back in the 1990’s and every time one’s released, hell breaks loose. This has never been more so true than with the New York-based skate apparel company Supreme. Critics in the past have referred to Supreme collaborations as legendary. Just in the past year alone, the collaborations between Supreme and various companies have generated incomparable hype in the streetwear community. Here’s a list of those crazy Supreme kicks that we can’t get enough of:

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    Supreme Collaborations: Air Jordan 5

    Supreme collaborations air jordan 5

    We’ve seen some crazy, pricey, and incredible Supreme collaborations in the past. But the brand seems to revisit its partnership with Nike quite often. Almost a year ago to this day, Supreme and Air Jordan (shoes manufactured by Nike) teamed up to release the Supreme x Air Jordan 5.

    These kicks were only released online and in London on October 16th, 2015. Then, the following day, the shoes dropped in Japan, but they weren’t released in any New York or Los Angeles stores for crowd-control purposes. Talk about some popular kicks!

    This drop was described as one of the most momentous releases from Supreme. The shoes feature specialized Supreme lacing and construction on the outsole, the number, “94,” embroidered on the shoes, rather than the number, “23,” and consist of very high-quality leather. This fabric is very smooth and firm, confirming its high quality.

    The shoes’ colorways included white and black, camouflage, etc., and retailed at $198.

    Supreme x Nike Air Max 98Supreme collaborations air max 98

    Another collaboration with Nike resulted in the Air Max 98, which was released online on April 28th, 2016. The shoes were then released on the 29th in Japan and in various NikeLab stores on the 30th. However, they weren’t released in New York, London, Los Angeles, and Paris for crowd-control purposes. How insane is that?!

    It’s safe to say that these shoes are popular for a reason; the construction consists of Nike’s 1998 technology that incorporates a silver mesh and patent leather Prada Sport styling from the same era. They also feature full-length Air Max cushioning midsoles, metallic mesh uppers, and reflective details.

    Originally, the shoes that came in four colors, retailed at $175. Now, however, the shoes are priced at anywhere from $250 to $400. The shoes pay serious homage to that popular look released back in 1998. You could say it’s an important part of sneakerhead and Nike history. No wonder they’re so popular.


    Supreme x timberland

    Nike and Supreme have had some great collaborations in the past, however, Supreme is known for other collaborations as well. One of the most recent Supreme collaborations this past year was with the popular shoe company, Timberland. Two classic and very popular styles came from this collaboration; the Field Boot and the 3-eye Lug Shoe.

    Always with the limited and staggered releases, the 3-eye Lug Shoe hit stores in New York, Los Angeles, London, and Paris on September 1st, 2016 and then Japan on September 3rd, 2016. The shoes feature an updated snakeskin upper that’s imprinted with leather as well as a red leather lining and a thick rubber lug outsole, added for durability.

    The Field Boot also features a snakeskin upper imprinted with leather, but won’t be made available until December 2016. The shoes will be released during this cold winter month in four colorways; red, black, white, and brown.

    Nike SB x Supreme Blazer Low GT

    Supreme Nike GT Blazer

    Of course, the most recent collaboration brings it back to Nike; the Nike SB Blazer Low GT hit American stores and the internet on September 15th, 2016. Then, it was released in Japan 2 days later (September 17th).

    These shoes had a bit of a change in their style and construction. They include a hidden sock liner for added comfort and an autoclave construction. The shoes consist of premium suede and leather build that’s available in light blue, pink, or beige colorways. They also consist of a classic gum bottom and the traditional Blazer tongue which showcases the underlying padded foam. The shoes are also branded with the Supreme logo and the popular Nike swoosh on the heel.

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    Yeezy Collaboration?

    Of course, one of the most popular and raved about brands, other than Supreme, is Yeezy Boost from Kanye West and Adidas. So, a question that might formulate in the minds of sneakerheads and Kanye fans; will Supreme ever collaborate with Kanye West and Adidas to create a Supreme Yeezy brain child? The answer; probably not. However, here is one cool example of what their collaboration might look like:


    Yes, Supreme has worked with some big brand names in the past; Vans, Playboy, etc., but some of the most memorable Supreme collaborations were with Nike.

    It’s no secret that Nike and Adidas don’t really get along. The two companies are constantly butting heads and competing against each other; Adidas even stole Kanye West from Nike! Furthermore, Kanye West is still bitter about his collaboration with Nike. So, the chances that he’ll work with a company that works so closely with Nike aren’t very likely.

    On the other hand, maybe Kanye wants to get back at Nike, so he may consider trying to steal a collaborative company from them. Either way, this possibility all depends on how loyal Supreme is to Nike.

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