Engines Are Revving for The FW19 Week 6 Supreme Droplist!

We’ve got to give it to Supreme, they know how to hype us up! The Supreme drops are definitely getting more hectic week after week (we haven’t reached the mid season yet!). Right now, the Supreme droplist for week 6 is already shaping up. Let’s take a look at what’s dropping till now.

Supreme Droplist: Fall/Winter 2019 Week 6

The latest Supreme droplist will be available in-store and online on October 3rd (yes, exactly in two days!) This drop has been long-awaited and is VERY hyped thanks to the Supreme x Honda collab.

However, before we get into that, let’s see what other items are dropping this week:

Internationale S/S Top

Supreme Droplist Internationale SS Top

1-800 Hooded Sweatshirt

Supreme Droplist 1-800 Hooded Sweatshirt

1-800 Coaches Jacket

Supreme Droplist 1-800 Coaches Jacket

Printed Stripe L/S Top

Supreme Droplist Printed Stripe LS Top

Makah Zip Up Jacket

Supreme Droplist Makah Zip Up Jacket

1-800 Buffalo Plaid Shirt

Supreme Droplist Buffalo Plaid Shirt

Supreme Is Love Sweater

Supreme Droplist Supreme Is Love Sweater

The crowds till now have been critical towards most items from this list, but, we all know all of these items will sell out before you could even say COP.

But that’s not all. This week, Supreme is taking collabs to a whole new level with its partnership with Honda and Fox racing!

Fox Racing is an American extreme sports lifestyle clothing brand founded in 1974. That’s actually not the first time Supreme collaborates with Fox! Their first encounter was on the SS18 Week 12 Supreme droplist.

Honda is a Japanese motor company that manufactures automobiles, motorcycles and power equipment. But what does Honda have to do with a streetwear brand? The answer is simple: Honda is also adding their brand on the motor racing clothes right next to Fox and Supreme. And now that we have all the racing clothes, we need the actual racing machine!

This is where Honda leaves the biggest mark- literally. Because collaborating on clothing items is just too mainstream for both Supreme and Honda, they’re dropping an actual motorcycle!!!

The Supreme x Honda x Fox items are as follows:

Race Vue Goggles

Supreme Droplist Supreme Honda Fox Racing Vue Goggles

Racing Crewneck

Supreme Droplist Supreme Honda Fox Racing Crewneck

V1 Racing Helmet

Supreme Droplist Supreme Honda Fox Racing V1 Helmet


Racing Gloves

Supreme Droplist Supreme Honda Fox Racing Gloves


Puffy Zip Up Racing Work Jacket

Supreme Droplist Supreme Honda Fox Racing Puffy Zip Up Work Jacket

Moto Racing Jersey Top

Supreme Droplist Supreme Honda Fox Racing Moto Jersey Top

Racing Work Shirt

Supreme Droplist Supreme Honda Fox Racing Work Shirt

Racing Moto Pant

Supreme Honda Fox Racing Moto Pant

Supreme x Honda CRF250R

Supreme Honda CRF 250R

This Honda motorcycle is coming this fall in a brand new Supreme coating that caused a hype among sneakerheads and streetwear lovers ever since they caught the first glimpse of it. However, bad news for everyone living far from the stores, this Motorcycle will only be available in-store in the US. (Sorry to our european friends!)

Let’s talk resale

Supreme items are always hyped despite being actually worth it  (Kudos to Supreme on that!). A lot of items start out by being criticized but end up selling out insanely fast. This hype and limited availability make the Supreme resale prices go ridiculously high!

What do you think about this Thursday’s Supreme droplist? Will you cop or drop?

If you really wanna cop these items, you really need to have the Supreme bot, and we have exactly that!

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