Supreme Droplist for FW19 Week 3: Cop or Drop?

What started as a skateboarding shop and clothing brand became one of the most hyped and powerful brands today. Every drop by Supreme causes a hype among sneakerheads and shopping addicts alike! The 2019 Fall/Winter collection is no exception, and now that the first two weeks of releases passed, we must take a look at the upcoming Supreme droplist for week 3.

FW19 Supreme Droplist

The supreme droplist for week 3 will be launching on September 12, and it’s finally complete! Let’s take a look at what’s dropping this Thursday:Charcoal Specials Coffee Photo Collage (4)-min

  • Chenille Arc Logo Short Sleeve Top
  • Text Rib Sweatpant
  • Text Rib Hooded Sweatshirt
  • Reversible Bandana Fleece Jacket
  • Hearts Dyed Short Sleeve Top
  • Supreme/Post-it Flags
  • Supreme/NITECORE light keychain
  • Supreme/Butterfly Table Tennis Racket Set
  • Chrome Logo Long Sleeve Top
  • Breed Crewneck
  • New Era Script Cuff Beanie
  • Classic Logo Corduroy 6-Panel
  • Nose Bleed Hooded Sweatshirt
  • Mugshot Crew Jacket
  • Dimensions Logo Denim Shirt
  • Dimensions Logo Denim Skate Pant
  • Mary 5-Panel

The most hyped apparel items out of these are the Sweatshirt along with, obviously, the post-it notes and light keychain. So kids, take some of your back-to-school money and buy these $8 post-it flags. They will guarantee you looking very cool when going back to school.

Supreme / Ben Davis collaboration

The Supreme droplist for week 3 includes a collaboration with the US-based workwear brand Ben Davis. The Davis family had a great impact on clothes manufacturing back in the 1870s when Jacob Davis worked with Levi Strauss to make the first-ever blue jeansCharcoal Specials Coffee Photo Collage (3)

The much-anticipated collab items include: Charcoal Specials Coffee Photo Collage (2)-min

  • Overalls
  • Chore Coat
  • Half Zip Work Shirt
  • Work pant
  • Beanie

The items will be released in three different colorways: Black/Pink, Navy/Green, Orange/Grey, and each garment will feature a Supreme embroidery and Ben Davis’ “Plenty Tough” gorilla label. 

However, the crowd had very high expectations for the long-awaited collab but it is turning out to be a disappointment for them. The pink beanie is the only well-received item out of these five.

Ready to cop this Supreme Droplist?

People are disappointed with the Supreme droplist this week, but don’t be discouraged! A huge number of people is definitely getting ready to cop right now. No wonder Supreme always ends up selling out fast.

Get your Supreme bot ready to cop because all the items (even the disappointing ones) will be gone in a very short time and will resell for a much higher price

Already have Supreme bot but still not sure what to do? Take a look at our manual.

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