Supreme Keywords & Early Links (FW18 – Week 18 – 20/12/2018)

If you are still new and not sure how to use our Supreme bot or you want to recheck our detailed instructions and info, you can check our manual.

First of all, be sure to update to the latest version of the bot: Help -> Check for Updates
Keep checking for an update every few hours and keep an eye on our Twitter and on the “Supreme Release Setup” button for any updates.


  1.  Schedule your harvester and run it on release time in order to increase your chances.
  2.  Start your tasks at 10:59 AM
  3. Use a maximum of 25 monitor proxies and please make sure they are 100% working.
  4.  Make sure to test your proxies before the release with a fake credit card on any available item, if you got ”Violation of terms” error then your proxies are blacklisted by Supreme and you need to change them.
  5.  Using Privacy, Revolut or Curve cards will cause a ”card declined”  and/or ”violation of our terms” errors, so please do not use any and make sure that your proxies are working.
  6.  Make sure to create half of your tasks as supreme mobile
  7.  For the captcha, you will need to open a new window and sign in into your Gmail account and start playing a youtube video for a faster solving 30 Min before the release
  8. If you want to use the multi solver, you will need to use a different Gmail account in each captcha window.
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We now have three mods (methods) on Supreme: Request, Mixed and browser

How you should split and run your tasks?

Mixed and browser methods will open a chrome instance Please DO NOT SHUTDOWN OR minimize

For AIO V2
Schedule your tasks to start at 59, the browser will open and u will be prompt to enter username and password (if you are using proxies)

Schedule your tasks to start at 59. Once they start the browser will open and you will be prompt to enter username and password( if you are using proxies)

Try to run a very low nb of Mixed and Browser, it will eat your CPU and memory. so nothing more than 3 to 4 tasks

Supreme Keywords (20/12/2018)





Keywords: Bear

Color: Random

Category: Accessories









Keywords: Champion&Label

Color: Black, Red, Navy, Olive, Yellow, Grey, Purple

Category: Sweatshirts







Keywords: Harris

Color: Blue, Red, Brown, Black, Pink

Category: Hats







Keywords: Logo&Repeat

Color: Yellow, Black, Navy

Category: Accessories








Keywords: Quilted

Color: Brown, Red, Black, Royal, Grey

Category: Sweatshirts







Keywords: Sherpa&Shirt

Color: Black, Orange, Denim, Red

Category: Shirts





The Keywords are not 100% confirmed but we did our best to guess everything.

Good Luck!

For any inquiries, you can email us at anytime

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