Supreme Keywords & Early Links (FW19 – Week 06 – 03/10/2019)

How to setup?

-Select Supreme EU for EU and Supreme US for the US
-Split your tasks in half between desktop and mobile mode.
-Start your tasks at 10:59 AM.
-Don’t forget to assign 20% of your proxies in the monitor list.


Supreme®/Honda® CRF 250R
Color: Red
Keywords: Honda&CRF
Category: Accessories

Supreme®/Honda®/Fox® Racing Vue Goggles
Color: Red, Moss
Keywords: Racing&Goggles
Category: Accessories

Supreme®/Honda®/Fox® Racing Crewneck
Color: Black, Green, Red
Keywords: Racing&Crewneck
Category: Sweatshirts

Supreme®/Honda®/Fox® Racing V1 Helmet
Color: Red, Moss
Keywords: Racing&Helmet
Category: Accessories

Supreme®/Honda®/Fox® Racing Gloves
Color: Red, Moss
Keywords: Racing&Gloves
Category: Accessories

Supreme®/Honda®/Fox® Racing Puffy Zip Up Work Jacket
Color: Blak, Red, Green
Keywords: Racing&Jacket
Category: Jackets

Internationale S/S Top
Color: Blue, Black, Green White, Purple, Red
Keywords: Internationale
Category: Tops/Sweaters

1-800 Hooded Sweatshirt
Color: Black, Olive, Grey, Red, Navy
Keywords: 1&800&Sweatshirt
Category: Sweatshirts

Supreme®/Honda®/Fox® Racing Moto Jersey Top
Color: Red, Moss
Keywords: Racing&Moto&Jersey
Category: Tops/Sweaters

Basket Weave Beanie
Color: Black, Natural, Green, Red, Navy, Orange
Category: Hats

Supreme®/Honda®/Fox® Racing Work Shirt
Color: Black, Red, White
Keywords: Racing&Shirt
Category: Shirts

Supreme®/Honda®/Fox® Racing Moto Pant
Color: Red, Moss
Keywords: Racing&Pant
Category: Pants


The Keywords are not 100% confirmed but we did our best to guess everything.

Good Luck!

For any inquiries, you can email us at anytime

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