Supreme Kong NFT Collection: Return To Swag Island 

    The Gorillas are making an entrance into the NFT world. A new NFT collection has made it to the spotlight and is trending on Opensea. The PFP collection Supreme Kong made it to the trending page, and people are marking their places. Seeing these creatures is nothing new in the NFT space, but the collections obviously vary. The Supreme Kong collection pictures gorillas wearing modern outfits and dripping with swag and class. Let’s dig in. 

    Supreme Kong NFT Collection 

    The Supreme Kong NFT collection was launched in February 2022 by Cyrus Abrahim and artist Hossein Diba. It is Leading the way for projects to follow: building web3 the right way- community first. It is also a redefinition of the golden standard in NFTs. The collection is designed with its holders in mind, the Supreme Kong is the genesis collection. It launched with a series of 2000 NFTs available on the Ethereum Blockchain.  

    According to CoinGecko, the collection’s statistics are as follows: 

    • Floor Price: 0.39970 ETH ($722.41) 
    • Market Cap:799.40 ETH ($1,444,820) 
    • 24H Volume: 8.64 ETH ($15,623.72)

    The mission behind the collection is to drive value not only to the holders. Instead, it aims to be a launchpad for all creatives, entrepreneurs, and developers in the space to build on top of Supreme Kong. Moreover, the collection is in association with the Jungle Labz ecosystem and $JNGL currency.

     Therefore, all holders of any Jungle Labz tokens are allowed to monetize their assets without limitations commercially. Along with the thriving NFT collection the team is building a broader ecosystem outside of the collection. You can earn $JNGL currency by staking the Jungle Labz tokens. 

    Furthermore, the team also built the world’s first multi-chain staking rewards marketplace – now every $JNGL holder can exchange $JNGL for Jungle Labz tokens, other ETH, and SOL NFTs.  


    The SupremeKong NFT collection has an extremely unique artist who is behind the great art, Hossein Diba. With over 300,000 followers on social media, Hossein Diba is a character and creature artist specializing in 3D modeling and digital sculpting. His work is famously respected across the gaming, collectible, and cinematic worlds.

    Hossein Diba has won a couple of awards including Sculpt of the Year award and has worked with the biggest companies in the industry as Activision, Blizzard, and video games such as Tomb Raider.

    For over 15 years he has combined his detailed knowledge of making the 3D part of the movies. With his immense passion for creating cutting-edge and award-winning digital art of the highest quality.” By bringing that elite artistry into the Metaverse, be ready to accept the envy and respect you will naturally attract.”

    Final Statement

    Lastly, the Supreme Kong NFT collection has recorded a significant increase in its floor price which made people rush to claim an NFT before it’s too late. The floor price witnessed a 79.1% increase reaching a whopping 0.70 ETH before dropping to the current rate which is around 0.30 ETH. 

    Furthermore, the collection will soon announce the new version of their roadmap ‘4.0’ after the recent completion of the roadmap ‘3.0.’ So, stay tuned for new announcements from Super Kong. 


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