TBT: Nike SB Chunky Dunky Is Still Looking Chill!

    Although today’s pair is still relatively new, we couldn’t help looking back at it. We all need a dash of color in our lives, and having them on our kicks isn’t a bad idea! That’s why Nike and Ben and Jerry’s decided to be that dash of color in 2020. So let’s remember together one of the most famous kicks of 2020: Nike SB Chunky Dunky!

    What Is Ben and Jerry’s?

    Ben and Jerry are two friends who share a lot of common opinions and a love for ice cream! They kickstarted their project back in 1978 in a renovated gas station. Their popularity grew slowly but steadily! So naturally, new stores opened and ice-cream thrived! The company also supports many community projects and gives back.

    Chunky Dunky Ben & Jerrys

    Nike Chunky Dunky SB: Ice Cream Touches Your Sole

    Nike always surprises us with interesting collaborations and kicks. However, the swoosh dipped some dunks in the Chunky Money ice cream flavor and gave us the Chunky Dunky! The kicks look like Ben & Jerry’s packaging of the Chunky Monkey. The blue skies, white clouds, and green fields? We can see them all on the Dunks. Moreover, the cowhide and cow print make up the overlays with faux fur. Finally, the look is complete with a grass green outsole and the Chunky Dunky branding on the tongue.

    So honestly, it’s a pretty ugly pair of kicks from an objective point of view. However, as a collector, a sneakerhead, or even a hypebeast would consider this a treasure!

    Was Chunky Dunky Worth All the Fuss?

    In Short? Definitely yes. With great sneakers comes incredible hype. However, the friends and family packaging on this one was on a different level! Instead of the usual Nike SB shoebox, the kicks came in Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream pint!

    Chunky Dunky special Box

    Avg. Resale Value: $2,626

    The regular Nike Chunky Dunky comes in the regular multicolor shoebox. That’s not too bad because it practically fits the colorful theme of the sneakers.

    Chunky Dunky Regular Box

    Release Date: 5/26/2020
    Style Code: CU3244-100
    Retail Price: $100
    Avg. Resale Value: $1,628

    2020: The Rise of the Dunks

    The 2020 Nike Chunky Dunky made a really big stir in the sneaker industry this year. This is one of the releases that made 2020 a glorious year for Nike Dunks. After a long while of people thinking that Dunks were dead, Nike turned it all around. Some other releases that convinced us of the Dunk supremacy were:

    Nike SB Dunk Strangelove

    Chunky Dunky - Strangelove

    Release Date: 2/8/2020
    Retail Price: $100
    Avg. Resale Value: $601 (Regular Box) – $1,077 (Special Box)

    Travis Scott Nike SB Dunk

    chunky dunky - Travis Scott Dunks

    Release Date: 2/29/2020
    Retail Price: $150
    Avg. Resale Value: $1,233 (Regular Box) – $1,793 (Special Box)

    Nike SB Dunk Plum

    Chunky dunky - plum

    Release Date: 2/7/2020
    Retail Price: $100
    Avg. Resale Value: $273


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