TBT: Jordan 1 UNC – Looking Back at the Most Iconic Blue Jordan 1s

    You know what day it is! It’s time for our weekly TBT where we take a little trip down memory lane to the MOST iconic sneakers ever. Some sneakers are so good, you just can’t ever get over them. The Jordan 1 UNC sneakers are just one of those kicks that really stick. We love us some blue Jordan action, it really puts us in a joyful mood. You can never actually feel blue when you’ve got such a fly fit. Jordans just have a way of tying your whole fit together and taking it to a whole other level of awesomely sick – you know what we mean. In our last TBT, we took a little dunk in some London culture; this time, we’re going for some higher education – UNCs!

    Sneaker Higher Education – Air Jordan 1 UNC 

    Now, in case your kinda feelin’ confused ‘bout all the education references, UNC refers to our friend MJ’s alma mater. In other words, MJ attended the University of North Carolina and the Jordan colorway pays tribute to his university. UNC’s Tar Heel basketball team also happens to use Nike’s Jordan brand as its ONE AND ONLY official brand for sports attire – AKA their shoes and jerseys. But, what does that really mean for us sneakerheads? Well, simple. We got siiiick shoes for a big flex (or a bigger flip!). We don’t exaggerate when we say that Air Jordan 1 UNC sneakers flip for a whole lotta cash. Here’s a throwback to one of the most iconic Jordan 1 UNC kicks!

    Jordan 1 UNC Retro High Patent (W)

    This silky smooth sneaker dropped TWO whole years ago in 2019 – it’s been TWO whole years! Time flies when you’re busy copping Ws. It was a women’s exclusive pair of kicks with the UNC colorways. This Jordan 1 UNC gives a nod to MJ’s school and highlights the power of the all phenomenal women out there! Jordan chose to create this iteration with patent leather that first made its first debut on an AJ11 back in ‘95! We see the effort MJ, we appreciate. It was also Valentine’s drop – tryin’ to tell us something MJ? Well, we love you too! We also really love the fact that, on the aftermarket, these kicks sold for an average of 550$ when they retailed for only 160 bucks. That HAS to be some kind of voodoo magic. Pretty insane. It also gives us total AJ Obsidian vibes!

    Air Jordan 1 UNC - TBT - ANB Blog
    Retail Price $160
    Release Date 02/14/2019
    Avg Resale: 550$

     Air Jordan 1 UNC Fearless Chicago

    University blue, and varsity red – we got a UNC and Chicago color block! This Jordan 1 UNC is actually extra special because it had one of MJ’s most famous quotes printed on the insoles, “Limits, like fear, are often just an illusion”. Chilling. You can literally put this sneaker on, and take on the WHOLE world. It really does empower you. Man, got goosebumps for a minute. That’s the power of a really savage sneaker. The Jordan 1 UNC Fearless Chicago dropped back in 2019 (the good days), and it’s still one of our favorite Jordans to date! We love a Jordan with a good story to it! They also have a pretty awesome fit, so you don’t have to worry about your foot size!

    Jordan 1 UNC Fearless Chicago - TBT - ANB Blog

    Retail Price $160
    Release Date 11/02/2019
    Avg. Resale: 333$

    Jordan 1 Retro UNC 

    An OG colorway of the Jordan 1 made a huge comeback in 2015 with the Air Jordan 1 UNC Retro to pay ode to his school. MJ apparently really enjoyed his days at UNC. The UNC-inspired sneakers featured powder blue accents with a mix of white on soft premium leather. That sounds very fancy. It’s a sleek, clean-cut sneaker that gives you a classic Jordan vibe. It also had the original Nike Air branding on its tongue tag and insoles for that extra Nike flair! Not to mention the insane resale.

    AJ1 UNC Year 2015 - TBT - ANB Blog

    Retail Price $160
    Release Date 10/10/2015
    Avg. Resale: 708$

    Upcoming Jordans? The Air Jordan 1 University Blue Drop!

    On the bright side, we still have so much to look forward to this year with drops raining on our sneakerheads! We’ve got the Air Jordan 1 University Blue, one of the best Jordan colorways to date, coming up on March 6th! Click here for all the release info.

    So, you gotta make sure that you’re totally ready to cop the new UNCs. You gotta rock them blue Jordans in 2021; so be prepared. Start the year right.


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