TBT: London Dunk Inspires A Brand New London Air Jordan

    For this TBT, we’ll get into one of the most iconic silhouettes in the history of Nike. The Dunks. This sneaker went from being a college basketball shoe to a sneaker icon. Hence, played a role in shaping the best sneaker colorways. And specifically, we’ll check out the story behind one of the most hype colorways in the history of sneakers. That is the Nike London Dunk. Moreover, the story of this Dunk started during the White Dunk Exhibition.

    White Dunk Exhibition

    The White Dunk Exhibition is just an example of how Nike is willing to go to hype the SB Dunks. Initially based in Japan, the White Dunk exhibition featured 25 Japanese Artists willing to experiment with the White Dunk and turn it into a contemporary art piece. This exhibition was held in a Pop-up building shaped like a Silver Box Era shoebox.


    After its successful launching, the exhibition went extra far and reached multiple cities around the world like Paris, London, and New York. And what’s best about that is that in every city, Nike released an exclusive Nike SB colorway. And, as a sneaker fan, there’s no doubt you know about the iconic Paris Dunks, Nike Pigeon, Tokyo Dunks, and the less known but hype as hell, the Nike London Dunk.

    The London Dunk

    The London Dunk kick was the third release of the White Dunk Art exhibition. It was an exclusive London drop that made crowds line up. Only 202 pairs were released so you can guess how hype its resale price is. This Nike London Dunk features a tonal grey suede construction with a London heel mark. Therefore, the heel hosts a contrasting blue embroidery that represents the silhouette of the 200-mile long River Thames. 

    Nike London Dunk Release

    Release Date: 01/01/2004
    Retail Price: $60
    Resale Price: $11,678

    And for the big surprise, the London Colorway Hype is not over yet! Air Jordan is joining the London Hype soon enough! 

    The Air Jordan London 

    The AirJordan will hype it up tomorrow by releasing a grey-toned London colorway. It features a light grey mix than the London Dunk mixed with the AJ1 silhouette. The Air Jordan city pack will be the 3rd kick to drop along with the AirJordan City Pack. As the previous ones were inspired by Paris and Milan. So, Nike is celebrating London with a tonal grey upper and toebox mixed with sail, soft peach, and a pink collar. Who wouldn’t love to have a clean Light grey AJ! In fact, grey tones are the second whites! They are timeless and always match the latest sneaker trends


    Release Date: February 26th, 2021
    Retail Price: $175
    Resale Price: $406

    So, if you are a fan of the tonal grey construction, this AJ is your greatest chance! However, this release will be out mostly via raffle. But, once they hit retailers, you know you can rely on the best bots and proxies to cop them! 


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