The Heterosis Project: A Metaverse Garden Full of NFT Flowers

    Launched on March 8, the Heterosis project is an NFT-based flower collection and immersive metaverse experience that allows users to collect breedable, dynamic NFTs of digital flowers. 

    Created by artists Mat Collishaw and Danil Krivoruchko in partnership with, and metaverse architects EL-GABAL. And it is built on the OG.Art protocol along with many other art projects. 

    It’s worth mentioning that project co-creator Mat Collishaw was part of the group of British artists known as YBA (Young British Artists). This group also includes the iconic Artist in both the digital NFT world and physical, Damien Hirst

    So, what is this project?

    Think immortal flowers on the immutable blockchain.

    Meaning, each of the 2,500 minted flowers from the Heterosis Project is a unique digital collectible with its own DNA and combination of traits. 

    You don’t get to pick your NFT’s primary look, as it is the result of random luck. 

    Furthermore, each flower has a unique title generated by AI, using words from ‘The Library of Babel’ (a short story by Jorge Luis Borges).

    The project consists of two main elements: 

    • A collection of breedable NFT flora
    • A virtual greenhouse (Did I mention that it is set within the National Gallery’s abandoned wing in London?)

    Let’s learn more!

    Heterosis Project Stats At The Moment

    According to CoinGecko,
    -Release Date: March 2023
    -Market Cap: 275 ETH
    -24h Volume: 16.45 ETH
    -Floor Price: 0.11 ETH
    -Twitter OG.Art: 21.2K Followers
    Discord: 13.2K Members 

    Heterosis Flower NFT

    Breedable Flowers: Heterosis Breeding Mechanics Explained


    Initially, the flowers in the collection have only a few basic traits. But through the hybridization process, collectors can discover new rules that activate mutations and unlock new species and advanced characteristics.

    The owner of a Heterosis flower NFT can select any other flower in the collection as a second parent and hybridize.

    However, they have to pay that second parent’s owner a fee. Flower dowry?

    After the new child flower is generated, the owner can decide to either replace their current flower with the new generation or keep the original one. It’s up to them!

    Note that this process doesn’t affect the second parent flower at all. 

    And when a new trait is born, it can spread across the whole population in the Heterosis Project. 

    Basically, this hybridization process creates two virtual flower markets: One for selling rare digital flowers and the other for selling DNA traits.

    Collectors in this project are referred to as “Agents of Digital Evolution”.

    Breeding Mechanics

    Heterosis Project Partners:

    Partner NFT collections and projects give Heterosis Project NFTs their unique traits. 

    If an owner has a partner NFT in their wallet, unique features may show up on their flowers when they breed them. What a cool concept!

    The following are some remarkable partners of this project: 

    Virtual Metaverse Greenhouse:

    National Gallery Museum London

    All the flowers in the Heterosis NFT collection are visible in their current iteration in a high-end digital rendition of London’s National Gallery in a post-apocalyptic state of disrepair and neglect. 

    The new digital flora is infiltrating and growing all over this once-great monument to European art achievements.

    In detail, the ‘Greenhouse’ is accessible through a computer browser, mobile phone, or VR sets, and the rendering happens in real-time in the cloud, so the viewers receive first-rate images on any device. 

    Collectors will be able to adopt an account with their personal avatar and navigate the greenhouse. These accounts are connected to their OG.Art accounts and identified by the viewer’s wallets.

    Basically, they can hang out and chat with other collectors (inbuilt audio system). Not to mention that they’ll also be able to select a flower and establish its properties and current value in a marketplace.

    So, are you intrigued by this new concept? 


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