The Irish Shebeen is hitting the metaverse via The Sandbox

    There is a  famous saying that goes ‘No one can celebrate like the Irish,’ and we can guarantee that that is absolutely true. The celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day took off yesterday, and the people went all the way for it. In fact, even the famous Irish Shebeen pub is throwing a celebration of its own. We can happily announce that the Irish Shebeen Metaverse project is in motion. The Irish Pub announced its debut in The Sandbox following in the steps of many projects of different categories. Let’s dig in. 

    The Irish Shebeen Metaverse Launch 

    March 17 marks the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day it also marks the launch of the Irish Shebeen in the Metaverse. This year, the celebrations are taking on a different form in The Sandbox. The unique, immersive experience will last for 12 days, inviting visitors to participate in quests, mint NFTs, and appreciate local artists. And delve into a wealth of Irish culture and entertainment.

    The Irish Shebeen Metaverse project was described by its founders Jilian Godsil and Lisa Gibbons as a sanctuary for the ‘ homeless’ in the Metaverse. The Irish Shebeen designed its venue for interaction and engagement. Blending gamification with a platform to proudly present Irish artists, musicians, poets, dancers, and storytellers.  

    The Collection

    The Irish Shebeen Metaverse experience comes with multiple avatars and cute accessories to actually play the part. When celebrating St. Patrick’s Day IRL people wear possibly every green thing they own. Therefore, it only makes sense for similar outfits and accessories to be available in The Sandbox version of St. Patty’s Day. These items include:

    • Trinity Knot Aura — The symbol that represents the trinity, eternity, and unity. The perfect balance between the cycles of life materialized in an Irish aura.
    • Tree of Life Aura — The tree of life Irish aura is a representation of between heaven and earth, mind and body, and the never-ending cycle of life
    • Irish Dancing Dress — The NFT version of the traditional Irish dancer’s dress!
    • Morrigan’s Crown — A crown of the Irish goddess of war and death.
    • Irish Shield — A lyre’s charming sound for your protection.
    • Dagda’s Hammer — A godly hammer of the good god Dagda.
    • Dagda’s Cauldron — A mighty cauldron of the good god Dagda.
    • Shamrock Aura — A shamrock aura to have more luck.
    • Statue of Eire —Statue of the goddess of Ireland.
    • Statue of Aonghus — Statue of an Irish god associated with youth, love, summer, and poetic inspiration.
    • Statue of Danu — Statue of the Irish mother goddess.
    • Saint Patrick’s Hat — A traditional Irish hat for Saint Patrick’s day.

    And many many more items. But if we list them all this article would not end. 

    The Irish Shebeen Founders 

    Founded by Jilian Godsil and Lisa Gibbons, The Irish Shebeen represents a haven for all the lost and bewildered souls wandering the virtual space. The Irish Shebeen Metaverse experience is a warm and comforting destination, where everyone feels at home. As a result, creating the perfect entry point for those making their first tentative steps into the spectacular folds of The Sandox’s Metaverse

    The Irish Shebeen represents the global allure of Irish-themed pubs and their signature welcoming vibes. Therefore, The Sandbox has selected The Irish Shebeen as one of its featured experiences for March. As a consequence, visitors can participate in quests for a chance to earn $SAND tokens, further enhancing the immersive and rewarding nature of this unique virtual pub adventure. 

    Final Statement

    Lastly, The Irish Shebeen Metaverse project is not the only one to grace The Sandbox’s virtual lands. There are thousands of projects that decided to step into the Metaverse through The Sandbox. And some of these are, Paris Hilton’s reality dating show, fashion brands like Charles&Keith, Warner Music’s DJ contest, and many more! Furthermore, if you’re a Metaverse fan or a pub fan or even just an explorer don’t forget to check out the Irish Shebeen Metaverse adventure! 


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