Pharrell And Adidas Join Doodles With New Wearables Collection

    The most famous NFT collection turned brand Doodles is out there creating memories. The beloved collection is known for its famous collaborations with brands and celebrities alike. And now it’s joining forces with both a brand and a celebrity in a new wearable collection. Pharrell Williams and Adidas are collaborating with Doodles for the new ‘Pharrell Pack’ wearable collection. This Pharrell Doodles collaboration is not the first as the Happy musician is considered a Chief Brand Officer of Doodles. Let’s dig in. 

    The Pharrell Doodles Collaboration

    Get ready for the Pharrell Pack airdrop! The Blue Chip NFT brand Doodles recently launched “Doodles 2 character builder” in the Stoodio experience. To welcome the Pharrell Williams collection. The collection is not only a collab with Pharrell but also with Adidas. 

    The new Doodles 2 in the stoodio will allow users or Doodlers to display a unique identity, one that is entirely personal to them, across multiple accounts. Moreover, in the app, they can browse the wearables they possess to switch up their look or purchase new items. In the Marketplace to present themselves as being more swaggy than ever.

    The Pharrell Doodles pack features digital Doodles wearables from Adidas, Human Made, Billionaire Boys Club (BBC), and Ice Cream. Each pack includes digital wearables, along with a token that can be redeemed for a single exclusive physical piece of apparel. 

    The Pharrell Pack

    Only 300 of the Pharrell pack is in production. And this Pharrell Doodles collab will be free to Doodles holders who meet certain criteria. According to the project’s website, the requirements include owning an original Doodles NFT and using the Dooplicator NFT to generate digital apparel. If more than 300 people are ultimately eligible by the cutoff date. Then a lottery will take place to choose winners.

    Featuring Pharrell’s new big branded goods. The songwriter and Doodles brand ambassador has created a collection of digital and physical wearables. To be included in the “Pharrell Pack”

    Each Pack contains a trio of unique digital wearables, a voucher for a physical item, and a code to access and redeem the items on Stoodio’s beta platform. A colorful selection of digital non-green Adidas Sambas will showcase in 252 of the packs, along with physical versions of the vibrant sneakers. On top of that, 48 of these packs hold a digital wearable and coveted redeemable treasure. 

    How To Get In

    The Pharrell Doodles project will undergo a lottery process that will select 300 winners. There are certain steps to unlock the rewards: 

    • Create a Stoodio account. 
    • Transfer their original Doodles NFT to the platform.
    • Design a Doodles 2 character. 
    • Launch a Genesis Box. 

    Winners of the Pharrell Pack will have the chance to redeem the physical items from June 6 to June 15. And the digital items one month after the launch date on May 5 via the Gaia Marketplace, linking either their Ethereum (ETH) or Flow (FLOW) wallet.  The winners can also buy, and explore more collectibles on the Gaia Marketplace

    Final Statement 

    Lastly, the winners of the Pharrell Doodles lottery must be aware of the fact that Doodles will destroy all unclaimed certificates. If not claimed during these time frames, leading to a loss of limited-edition prizes. This project is a step up for Doodles and a new example for future NFT collaborations. Furthermore, the Doodles stoodio is a new way for Doodlers to build their personalized characters. More use cases may develop as Metaverse games and platforms begin supporting Doodles avatars following the Character Builder launch. 


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