The Smurfs’ Society Is Moving Into The Web3 Village!

    The world’s favorite blue creatures are back in a new adventure! The lovable Smurfs have a special in our hearts no doubt. And now the same cartoon characters we watched growing up are growing up as well and expanding by keeping up with new technologies. The Smurfs are now joining Web3 with a new NFT collection, The Smurfs’ Society. We are witnessing a new age where even the shows we watched when we were younger are adapting to the new trends. Such as Web3. Let’s dig in. 

    The Smurfs’ Society 

    The Smurfs’ Society is an NFT collection backed up by the official Smurfs brand. The  Legendary Collection is a collection of 12,500 3D-rendered, rarified, Smurf PFPs.In total, there will be 250 different Smurf characters in this collection, with 50 unique variants of each one with over 350 different traits. In total, there will be 250 different Smurf characters in this collection, with 50 unique variants of each one with over 350 different traits. 

    Access to the supply of NFTs is as the following phases:

    • 5,000 Access Crystals (allow-list tickets) are available in the early access phase of the collection. These will have a use as tickets to the mint after the bucket auction.
    • 3,000 NFTs will be available to mint during the bucket auction in April.
    • The remaining 4,500 will be reserved for special sales, collaborations, and rewards. 

    The smurfs

    The Collection

    Initially, the collection will have 200 NFTs and is distributed into 10 separate categories based on each Smurf’s status in the village. The only way to guarantee you get your favorite is to own an access crystal of that particular character. Moreover, the collection will be public in May 2023. 

     Don’t own a crystal yet? You can buy one from the official collection on OpenSea. 50 additional Smurf characters will be added to the collection later. 

    These Smurfs’ Society NFTs will be designed in collaboration with artists and the brand’s partners, and maybe even YOU!

    Each of the 12,500 NFTs will have 50 variants, with differences in skin, textures, background effects, and lighting. 

    smurfs variants

    The Mint

    The possibility to get on the allowlist is officially over. For 3 months, early adopters were able to connect to the app and collect ingredients and mix recipes to find hidden access crystals. These access crystals have a connection to a particular Smurf character and act as a guaranteed spot on the allow-list to mint a Smurf PFP at a discounted rate. Even though the gamification process is over you can still purchase access crystals on Opensea. Owning an access crystal is the only way to guarantee your spot for the mint.  

    The mint price will be selected via a Bucket Auction. Where 3000 NFTs are to sell as a ‘price discovery’ process. The price then is determined by the highest price at which all NFTs could be sold at the same price without going past the total supply of NFTs. 

    Crystal Discounts

    For each crystal, you can get a discount for The Smurfs’ Society NFT collection. Each access crystal has a rank from #1-#25, with higher ranks giving bigger discounts. See below for a full breakdown of the discount distribution. 

    Crystal Discount smurf society


    The Smurfs’ Society has good utilities and they are:

    • Attend VIP events, gain access to private sales, and get unique rewards from partners. Participate in members-only games and challenges and so much more! Plus, each PFP will have its own rewards unique to that particular Smurf. 
    • Smurf Girls NFT Drop
    • Earn Rewards 
    • Available prints
    • The biggest Web3 treasure hunt
    • Access to Artist collaborations
    • Access to brand partnerships
    • Access to Creator’s Club
    • Access to crafting game
    • And finally, a Mystery Smurf 

    A Smurf-tastic Adventure

    Lastly, the decision for creating The Smurfs’ Society NFT collection is no doubt a very good choice. The collection is offering a great deal with the utilities that the Smurfs team is offering. Moreover, The Smurfs brand has partnered with several renowned artists and creators to bring iconic characters into the Web3 world, including Philippe Druillet, Fafi Birtak, Antonyo Marest, Chase, and André Saraiva. These partnerships aim to revisit the Smurfs’ universe and bring it to life in new and exciting ways in the Web3 world. 


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