The Top 6 AI Video Generators 

    Many people now use AI to do their daily tasks and make their lives easier. One of the AI use cases is making videos. Many social media gurus are opting for AI video Generators to create their social media videos for them. Using AI for generating videos is one of the most popular ways to grow your social media platforms, whether you’re a marketing company or an influencer. Here is a list of the top 6 AI video Generators!

    Top 6 AI Video Generators

    There are multiple AI video Generators in the market, but each Generator is used for its special and unique features. Check out the top 6 Generators:

    Synthesia synthesia

    Synthesia is mainly used if you want to have digital avatars in your video. One of the great features of Synthesia, other than the whole avatar creation one, is that it contains more than 120 languages, accents, and voice tones to use. 

    There are also over 150 stock AI avatars a user could choose from for their video. Moreover, it has a text-to-speech feature where you can type a text and it will be converted into voiceovers and users can even pair their voices with the avatars. 


    • High-quality AI avatars
    • Multi-language support


    • Graphics are not great on large-scale screens


    • Personal: $22.50/month, $270 billed annually (optional) 
    • Enterprise: You can schedule a meeting to discuss a special price ai video generator is very simple to use and any beginner can create great videos using it. It’s so easy you can just copy and paste a blog post URL, choose a template from the ones available in the library, and let the AI video Generator do the rest. There are more than 60 languages and 25 avatars to choose from. 


    • Easy to use
    • Has a wide variety of video presenters in an avatar library
    • Can add animations to make the video more dynamic


    • Can get a bit slow for longer videos 


    • Free, 1-minute free credit
    • Basic: $23/month, $1.54/minute, can select from 15-minute videos to 40-minute videos per month
    • Advanced: $100/month, $2/minute, 50-minute videos to 200-minute videos per month
    • Custom: Special enterprise plan, you can schedule a meeting to discuss pricing



    One of the best AI video Generators for social media content is Fliki. Fliki quickly produces fast video content ready for your social media accounts, it has a text-to-video feature and produces videos quickly. Furthermore, Fliki can be used in other fields such as podcasting. Using this generator users can create their podcast page and write their podcast episodes instead of using their voices to record. The other feature is using it to record audiobooks. 


    • Quickly create social media content
    • Simple and effective text-to-speech controls


    • Not flexible enough


    • Free, 5 minutes/month, contains a watermark
    • Standard: $28/month, 180 minutes/month 
    • Premium: $88/month, 600 minutes/month


    colossyan AI video generator

    One of the most interesting AI video Generators is Colossyan. This generator is best used for creating training videos for workplace learning using special avatars. It provides a wide and diverse range of avatars that can recite the script you provide in multiple accents and languages. The avatar’s outfits are also customizable so that they can fit your company’s aesthetic. 


    • Saves time and effort in creating videos
    • Boosts engagement, traffic, and sales through video content
    • Improve learner satisfaction with AI videos


    • Still in the Beta stage 
    • Not as authentic as human actors
    • May not support complex animations or transitions 



    Descript helps with editing unwanted footage from your video. It generates a transcript of what you say in a video and even sets them in scenes that separate the video track. Therefore, you can simply highlight the parts of the transcript that you want to remove, and Descript will edit it out.  


    • Smart controls
    • Can edit videos through transcriptions


    • Transcription may be inaccurate sometimes


    • Free, 1 hour/month 
    • Creator: $12/month, 10 hours/month
    • Pro: $24/month, 30 hours/month
    • Enterprise: you can schedule a meeting to discuss your custom price ai video generator allows users to customize texts, colors, fonts, and music to create a special video for their brand. One of the unique features of this AI video Generator is the Auto Transcribe feature. With it, you can upload a video and quickly be able to download an auto-generated script. is easy to use and requires no previous video editing experience. 


    • Good Transitions 
    • Great captions generator


    • May be subject to clip breakdowns
    • Cannot edit longer videos on it 
    • Other Generators may offer better features 


    • Free: export videos with a watermark, 30 mins of subtitles 
    • Basic: $18/month, 60 mins of subtitles 
    • Pro: $30/month, 120 mins of subtitles
    • Business: $70/month, up to 5 people, 600 mins of subtitles 
    • Enterprise: $100/month, per user, billed annually


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