The Weirdo Ghost Gang: The Swag Of The Spirits 

    The NFT world never ceases to amaze us. Every day we stumble upon new collections that make us wonder ‘how did they come up with that?’ or ‘ I could have come up with that idea.’ Moreover, The Weirdo Ghost Gang is one of those NFT collections that are simply adorable. Combining the ever-interesting topic of ghosts or spirits in an ever-interesting market is the smartest way to go. Add a little bit of swag and cuteness and you’re good to go. Let’s dig in. 

     The Weirdo Ghost Gang

    The Weirdo Ghost Gang, aka, Lil Ghost, is one of the most popular PFP projects and Web3 brands among Asian NFT players. Additionally, The Weirdo Ghost Gang is a collection of 5555 Lil Ghosts roaming in the web3 playground together with countless frens.

    Furthermore, Lil Ghosts are not just avatars, but also the duke of a castle, the manager of a street brand. A super rapper, a virtual idol, and the protagonist of an adventure. Only the boundary of imagination can limit their pace, their existence is not only in the metaverse but will eventually penetrate reality. 

    This collection was created in 2022 and has since been witnessing a significant increase in its statistics. The Weirdo Ghost Gang collection is available on Opensea, Blur, and NFTGo

    According to CoinGecko, this collection’s statistics are as follows:

    • Floor Price:0.51 ETH ($729.25)
    • Market Cap: 2,833.56 ETH ($4,051,728.66) 
    • 24H Volume: 29.43994 ETH

    The Weirdo Ghost Gang Roadmap

    The Weirdo Ghost Gang has many projects that they started and are developing. And projects which are still in the exploring stage. And these projects include:

    In Progress

    • Candy or Poison: The Weirdo Ghost Gang Season 2. Mutation, fusion, and let these lil ghosts grow up with you.
    • MID: A full chain identity system bridging Web2 and Web3. MID will be integrated to enhance Spiritual Power system and cross-chain utilities.
    • CUTUP: Web3 native trending brand! They will create a brand, not only peripheral products. WGG will collab with CutUp to create more physical products.
    • Manes Gallery
    • Ghost Mafia
    • Ghost Alpha
    • Ghost Radio
    • Ghost Co-branding program
    • NFTNYC
    • Offline activities 
    • New merch 


    • Weird Ghost 3D 
    • Ghost stronghold plan
    • Ghost immersive drama
    • CUTUP offline store
    • Web3 offline experience center in NYC 

    Final Statement

    Lastly, the weirdo ghost gang community is very cooperative and enthusiastic about their NFTs. In addition, the NFT collection has accumulated a large audience over one year. Initially, that has to do with the fact that the collection is based in one of the biggest technological countries in the world. The Chinese collection quickly made its international debut shortly after its own debut happened. The international exposure definitely was a smart choice as the collection’s biggest fans are international as well. 


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