Tina’s Fantasy NFT Collection: The Return Of The Retro

    Retro is the new art era. NFT art collections are always competitive, and creators would always run to find a new and innovative style that would grab the attention of potential investors. Little Tina’s Fantasy NFT collection is just that. With its salute to the American retro era, it comes back with a modern twist. Without further ado, let’s dig into Tina’s Fantasy.  

     Tina’s Fantasy NFT Collection 

     Tina’s Fantasy is a full 1/1 art NFT collection adopting the American retro style with psychedelic tones. The purpose of this collection is to show a magical artistic feeling that combines reality and fantasy, surreal and unreal. Undeniably the NFT collection is truly one of a kind. With its unique yet weird art style, it is definitely going to make it up the charts. 

    The art features a unique style that might not appease all audiences, but to some, it might just be the right investment. The collection is an Ethereum Blockchain collection created in early January 2023. It features 974 NFTs and has 487 owners. 

    The collection stats are great considering it has been on the market for less than a month. According to CoinStats and DappRadar, the numbers are as follows:

    • Floor Price:0.0638 ETH
    • 24H Volume:1.5802 ETH
    • Average Price: 0.0677 ETH

    Tina’s Fantasy Phase 2

    Tina’s Fantasy NFT is ready to begin its second phase. The team announced via Twitter the launch of the new phase, which will take place in February. You can now register to be eligible to pre-mint the new phase. With only 50 winning spots, you must have at least 0.02 ETH in your wallet to qualify for registration.

    The minting price starts at 0.016 ETH, and the registration closes on Jan 30. While the raffle will take place on Jan 31. You can register here. 

    Other Notable Art NFT Collections

    Little Tina’s Fantasy NFT collection is only one of the many art-driven NFT collections on Opensea. Some other amazing art collections are: 

    • Street Machine NFT Collection, this PFPs collection boasts 947 NFTs, all hand drawn. Check out more here.
    • 100 Sunsets by Zach Lieberman, this collection, true to its name, has 100 NFTs with an amazing floor price of 10 ETH. Check it out here.
    • Pigments by Darien Brito is an Art Blocks curated collection. This NFT collection has a floor price of 1.99 ETH. Check it out here.
    • Bosque de Chapultepec by Daniel Caldron Arenas, this unique collection has 100 NFTs and has a floor price of 3 ETH. Check it out here.
    • AI Art is Not Art by Claire Silver, The new Ai art has many controversial thoughts regarding its authenticity and the creativity of its artist. But that does not lessen its value. This collection has 474 NFTs and a floor price of 3.5 ETH. Check it out here

    Final Thoughts

    Tina’s Fantasy NFT collection is an entry to a new reality. One that has little hints of disturbing thoughts. But then again who does not have such weird or even extreme thoughts from time to time? I guess the artist is driven by their intrusive thoughts to create such unique art pieces. Nonetheless, this art is selling and investors are eating it up so if you are interested in getting yourself a little tina NFT then you better hurry and register for the drop. 


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