Tiny Colony Game Dumps Solana For Ethereum!

    Tiny Colony game added to the list of departing projects. Again another project chooses to leave for a better field, threatening Solana’s future. The collapse of FTX, which entrenched Solana’s ecosystem financially, was another nail to the coffin of Solana’s inevitable demise. 

    Solana’s projects are linking and bridging to other blockchains leaving their mother blockchain for a better one. Following in DeGods and Y00Ts’ footsteps, Tiny Colony Game decided to take the leap and bridge to Ethereum’s Immutable X. Let’s find out more.

    Solana’s Plunge

    Solana’s deep dive in 2022 left some nasty marks on its record. Solana suffered a huge crash in 2022 following the FTX crash and SBF’s arrest. Things turned worse when the hit Solana projects DeGods and Y00Ts announced their departure from the ol’ blockchain. 

    Solana is trying to hold on to the projects in any way possible, but unfortunately, not all projects intend to take such a risk again, and are moving to a less risky blockchain. And who can blame them anyway? 

    Tiny Colony Game

    What the hell is Tiny Colony, you might ask? Well, Tiny Colony game is a blockchain game. The current version available on Solana is an earlier release launched for testers, but the full version will now debut later this year on Immutable X.

     In the game, players must build and manage underground colonies similar to ant colonies. And they must strategically farm, hatch, mine larvae, and defend their colonies to survive. 

    You can earn NFTs through gameplay and then use them in-game or trade them on marketplaces. The game has many features to use. You can form alliances, rent land, win loot and NFTs, and do challenges and quests.

    In comparison to other Ethereum games, such as  Bored Ape Yacht Club’s Otherside, Tiny colony is considered a relatively small project. You can check out the game here.

    We’re On A Break? 

    Tiny Colony game announced on Jan 13 its departure from Solana. The game launched its debut version on the Solana blockchain and has generated more than $3 million worth of NFT sales to date, according to Tinyverse. But the first question that comes to mind is, What does this mean for Tiny Colony NFT holders?

    Tinyverse clarified this by saying ownership and value of all NFTs will remain the same. The only difference holders will notice during this move will be the fact that  NFTs will require migration from Solana to Immutable X before use in-game. The team assured us that they will announce this in advance before the change is implemented. 

    Immutable X Better Than Solana

    Created by Immutable, the developer of the NFT-based card game Unchained Gods. One of the reasons Tiny Colony game moved to Immutable X is its focus on gaming and the player experience. 

    Immutable X allows faster and cheaper transactions than Ethereum’s own mainnet. Solana was the main destination for decentralized apps and NFTs due to low fees and the ability to handle a larger bulk of transactions than Ethereum’s mainnet.

    However, recent news regarding Solana is not making a very good impression. And developers are slowly but surely moving away from the infamous blockchain with many projects following suit. Tinyverse even commented in a Twitter thread on the FTX-Solana that they were ‘fortunate’ to have not lost any funds during the FTX fallout. 

    Tiny Colony Game: Summing up

    Solana has officially fallen off of its blockchain throne. No one can honestly blame the Tiny Colony’s team for their decision to move. Although it might be troublesome for both developers and users, the team is assuring the players that they will make it as easy as they can. Will this be the last project to dump Solana? Or will it be an encouragement for others? Stay posted for more news on projects. 


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