Top 5 Dumbest NFT Projects Ever Made

NFTs are dominating the mainstream media as well as the crypto sphere. Almost every day, a new NFT is auctioned, each one weirder than the last. This post will look at some of the most dumbest NFTs we’ve come across. 

In case you didn’t know what an NFT is, here is a brief and precise description of this new big thing everyone seems to be talking about.

What Are NFTs? 

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Tokens (also referred to as colored coins). Simply put, they are collectibles/digital items stored on the blockchain, most especially the Ethereum blockchain. These NFT assets are different from other Ethereum tokens in that they have a unique identifier. NFTs indicate ownership of digital versions of art or other assets (as verified by the blockchain and their unique qualities).

Hearing NFTs might remind you of digital sketches, paintings, and, of course, CryptoKitties and CryptoPunks souvenirs. But we’re here to talk about the dumbest NFTs on the market right now. So let’s shoot right away! 

#1 Space on Skin NFT 


We had to call it this for lack of better words. Oleksandra Oliynykova, a professional female tennis player, sold her first dumbest NFT in March. It wasn’t a pretty NFT;  it was her right arm and shoulder. Or, to put it another way, “lifetime exclusive right to space on my right arm and shoulder (…).” The precise measurement is 15×8 cm.” The owner of the NFT has the right to resell the space and to ask for a tattoo or body art in that area.

At OpenSea, Oliynykova received more than $5,400 for this odd NFT. Does this seem like a new sports body ad? It’s possible. Jason Festa, the creator of the game Upland, plans to have 34 squares tattooed on his back, resembling land parcels for sale. Every space will be an NFT the buyer has designed. Each tattoo will start at 1 ETH, with a percentage of any bids over 3 ETH going to charity.


#2 NFTP by Charmin


Do you recognize the name “Charmin”? Is it possible that it’s a toilet paper brand? That’s correct. And, yeah, they have their odd NFT about toilet paper. According to a press release, this is “digital Toilet Paper art honoring Charmin’s vision to help people Enjoy the Go both in real life and virtually”. 

Charmin issued six unusual NFTs and posted them on Rarible. Artists such as Shanee Benjamin, Donna Adi, and Made by Radio made each of those NFTs, which are all different kinds of toilet paper rolls. A physical painting also accompanied every item and were auctioned for 3.221 wETH (about $7,315 today). The revenues were combined with Charmin’s $2 million donations to the non-profit DirectRelief.

Even if you don’t agree that a toilet paper is the dumbest nft you have ever seen, trust me, the NFT #005 from the collection, a blinking piece depicting a restroom, a roll, and some red bears is one creepy and weird NFT you can’t forget anytime soon once you see it.


#3 Morons by Injective Protocol (Bansky)


Bansky is a strange artist in his own right. We don’t know who he is for sure; all we know is that he’s British, that he started as a street artist, and that he enjoys playing practical jokes with his artwork. As a result, a painting of what appears to be a physical auction of an (interior) artwork with “I Can’t Believe You Morons Actually Buy This Shit” is not unusual for him.

If that wasn’t strange enough, Injective Protocol, a cryptocurrency firm, wanted to make it crazier. It’s fairly usual in a blockchain to “burn” certain tokens (make them inaccessible) to raise the value of the rest of the supply. So Injective Protocol decided to do it with Bansky’s “Morons (White).” However, after purchasing the physical picture for roughly $95,000, they literally burnt it (with fire).

What’s the final result? They created an NFT of the original painting (which no longer exists). They were able to sell it for almost $382,000 on the OpenSea marketplace. Many people expressed their shock on Twitter, and their account (@BurntBansky) has a clear message on the header: “Yes, we actually burned a Bansky.”


#4 No Internet by Boys Noize


When it comes to spooky things, there’s this strange NFT by German DJ “Boys Noize” (Alexander Ridha) and the artist “SusBoy.” NFTs aren’t just paintings, as we previously stated. Audio and music NFTs are also becoming increasingly popular. Kings of Leon and 3LAU, for example, already have their musical performances as NFTs. Boys Noize, on the other hand, did something a little different, to say the least.

Their GIF includes faulty machines, fire, and lightning, and the description is “the world without the Internet.” The soundtrack, though, is arguably the most frightening aspect. For this NFT, Ridha composed an ominous, apocalyptic song. 

We are not sure why this NFT had to be so bizarre, but “No Internet” is listed on SuperRare and has been on sale since October 2020. At first, it was sold for 8.8 ETH (about $3,555), but today the price has surged to 30.9 ETH (over $71,000). A lot of people can’t stop wondering how the dumbest NFT projects like this become very successful.


#5 Cyber Eau de Parfum (Look Labs) 


What does cryptocurrency smell like? Look Labs, a German firm is attempting to provide an answer. They’ve been working on a new fragrance that mixes “gender-neutral, metallic, vintage, and futuristic aspects all in one.” Juniper berry, lemon, bergamot, and pepper are among the key constituents. “Cyber Eau de Parfum” will be packaged in a beautiful bottle with OLED lights, and it will, of course, come with its own weird NFT.

However, this isn’t just any NFT portraying the product. They went to great lengths to “transfer” the fragrance into the digital space. Look Labs did this by extracting the wavelengths of the scent, bottle, and label using near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS), a technique for measuring the molecular vibrations of physical objects.

As a result, you may now choose from ten different digital bottles whirling on a black platform (designed by Sean Caruso’s artist). In addition, you can watch how the scent appears on a graph in the upper corner. This isn’t just anecdotal, according to Jordan Katzarov (founder of Look Labs). “We can reproduce the aroma back if we have a system to convert those molecular reflections,” he assured.


So, What Next?

A lot of dumb NFT projects have come into the space in the last few years. Definitely, there will be many more. If you are as enthusiastic as I am, I’m sure you cannot wait to see all the dumbness to come in the NFT scene. 

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