Top NFT Bots 2023 Edition!

    Basically, An NFT bot shoulders the burden of the checkout process in your place. This means that whenever you want to buy an NFT, the bot can give you a strong boost in this downward market. However, half the investment lies in choosing the right NFT bot… So, without further ado, let me introduce you to our top NFT bots 2023 edition!

    Why Should You Use These Top NFT Bots in 2023?

    The NFT marketplace is a literal black hole. And keeping up with it is an arduous task. As a result, the solution lies in using the best NFT bot to save time!

    Do you wish to make a huge profit? If you wish to hack the NFT trading game, you need to utilize all the tools at your disposal. And we have just the right ones! 

    Is investing in fancy bots a profitable venture? It depends on your persistence. Moreover, buying an NFT bot will only be useful if you can configure and use it properly. 


    NFThunder Top NFT Bots 2023

    Without a doubt, NFThunder is one of the most-dominant NFT bots in 2023 on the market! It is a cross-chain NFT automation bot that comes with lots of features. The NFThunder community posts the latest updates on their very own exclusive Alpha group! So, you won’t miss any ground-breaking releases if you join this exclusive club.


    Ethereum and Solana blockchains (OpenSea, MagicEden, and Premint as well!).

    Features of the top NFT bot: 

    • A really good OpenSea sniper bot.
    • OpenSea automatic bidding bot.
    • Magic Eden Sniper.
    • 4 mint modes (Fast, flip, hybrid, and safe.)
    • Contract minting
    • Token sweeper
    • Gas fees calculator
    • NFT wallet generator

    Pros: Gets modules faster than other bots, and has special features like auto-filling. applications
    Cons: more expensive than others



    0.5 ETH per Month to renew the bot. (Approximately $662 as I’m writing this.)

    Mintech Bot


    To say the least, the Mintech bot is one of the top alpha server NFT bots in 2023 on the market! But, you can’t buy it on their website. You can only gain access via Opensea!

    In our opinion, it has only 2 downsides. One, it doesn’t have a user interface. Instead, you need to run the bot via CMD, and it can be challenging for all the noobs out there. And the other is that it can be a little late when it comes to getting modules.


    OpenSea marketplace only. 

    Features of the top NFT bot

    • ETH contract minting: Mint directly from the contract with an unlimited amount of wallets, concurrently. (Mass wallet creation + Multi-wallet support/Currency)
    • Alpha Release Guides: MinTech provides Alpha and in-depth release guides for upcoming stealth & normal drops.
    • Crossover Platform application: available for macOS and Windows Users
    • Pre-mint
    • NFT Sniping/Minting
    • Captcha Solver
    • Private RPCs/Nodes



    0.4 ETH ($533) initial price + 0.2 ETH / Month for renewal (Around $266 as I’m writing this.)

    Breeze AIO

    Breeze AIO

    In detail, this NFT bot provides users with the finest alpha and automation. It promises to always alert you before big releases, and gives you a better chance of minting the best NFTs!


    Ethereum and Solana (OpenSea, Magic Eden, LooksRare, X2Y2, and more.) 

    Features of the top NFT bot:

    • Enters Premint raffles on your behalf.
    • Solves Discord Captcha challenges.
    • Completes Twitter actions.
    • NFT sniping/minting
    • Multi-wallet support/Currency + Mass wallet creation
    • Bulk Listing/Bidding
    • Private RPCs/Nodes



    0.25 ETH / Month (Around $333 as I’m writing this.)

    NFTs Minter

    NFTs minter is a new bot on the block! We did our new diligence and tested it ourselves with impressive results. Give it a shot!

    Features of the top NFT bot:

    • CLI interface
    • Full Wallet Management
    • Supports Ethereum blockchain (contract address minting)
    • Full Blur module and automation
    • NFT calls, Drop calendars, WL and guides



    Free to download! (Currently in its Beta testing phase)

    Fungible Minter (Top NFT Bot 2023 Under-Construction)

    Fungible Minter

    And next, we have Fungible Minter is not officially one of the in-use NFT bots out there. Since it is still in the testing phase, getting the much-awaited alterations the market needs! And from the whispers we’ve heard, it looks quite promising!

    Also, this bot will most likely be an exclusive invite-only variation, so make sure you follow their Twitter. This way you will definitely be one of the first people to join the community and reap the benefits. Finally, we will keep you posted on when this promising bot joins the field!

    Features of the top NFT bot:

    Not announced yet!

    Monthly Subscription: 

    Not announced yet! 

    Success On Discord Using Top NFT Bots in 2023

    NFThunder: 5,500 Success stories posted on discord.

    Mintech: 4,600 Success stories posted on discord.

    Breeze AIO: 2,400 Success stories posted on discord.

    Although the first two bots have a more active community with more people posting than Breeze’s, it doesn’t mean they are less of a worthy foe. At the end of the day, we gotta provide you with all the information, and you have to make your own decisions.

    NFT Bots 2023: The Controversy 

    Finally, I’ll go ahead and say it… No one in the industry likes bots or the people who use them. But, hear me out on this one! 

    Imagine this. A new hot release is underway and an NFT bot is copping all the hot NFTs left and right. 

    The result? Many customers won’t be able to get their desired NFT which leaves them frustrated. As a result, this will make the user experience a figurative hell.

    However, like all other competitive markets, if you can’t beat them, you gotta join them! So, we have to teach you how to outsmart the system in the most efficient way possible!

    As always, stay tuned for more essential guides and all the breaking news from Web3. And check out our 2022 recap while you’re at it!


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