Our Top NFT Influencers in 2022! 

    It’s safe to say that in the last 2 years, NFTs overtook the world. With the top 5 NFT marketplaces exceeding $40 Billion in all-time sales. The craze is unreal! Everyone and their mothers have shown a growing interest in NFTs and for good reason. In detail, the Web3 space evolved rapidly with growing competition between NFT creators over new projects. So, the question remains: How do you outshine the competition? Easy. You follow and listen to NFT influencers! But, who are they exactly? 

    Who are NFT Influencers?

    In general, an influencer is someone in a certain industry with sway over the intended audience. Influencers pride themselves on their in-depth and specialized knowledge, authority, or insight into a specific subject. So, an NFT influencer must be just that for the non-fungible fanatics! 

    In detail, an NFT influencer is a person who delivers trusted NFT-related insight to Web3 enthusiasts. This person has the power to persuade, dissuade or gear the audience towards/away from certain launches and hypes. Moreover, these influencers have the authority to act as launching pads for campaigns and projects as per their credibility in the field. Basically, the NFT audience gravitates towards them in all unclear matters and trusts their judgment on any subject. 

    Our Top NFT Influencers Picks:

    1) Gary Vee the #1 NFT Influencer:

    Gary Vee

    To put it simply, GaryVee is the world’s favorite NFT influencer. Not to mention that he also possesses the 3rd most valuable NFT portfolio, after Steve Aoki and Snoop Dogg, with respect to celebrity NFT collections. And he has the largest following across all social media platforms! Moreover, GaryVee launched his project, Veefriends, to create a solid community and spread knowledge for NFT amateurs and league players alike. Imagine, he hosts education sessions to spread his acquired knowledge of the metaverse to his peers. A jack of all trades, he creates his own NFTs! 

    Social Media Accounts:

    2) EllioTrades:

    Ellio Trades

    Ellio is an NFT influencer with a large follower count. In detail, he has an understanding of Web3, a new iteration of the world wide web that incorporates things like blockchain and decentralization. Moreover, he’s currently building two web3 companies PlayImpostors and SuperfarmDAO. And he shares educational crypto tips for his community on social media.

    Social Media Accounts:

    3) Farokh: 

    Farokh NFT Influencer

    This NFT influencer isn’t big on creating NFTs, but he sure does hold his weight in the NFT community. Moreover, he has the ability to sway NFT fanatics with his opinions. This influencer loves collecting NFT art! He owns several pieces like “Make Love Not War” by AlienqueenNFT and artwork from Cory Van Lew’s rare collection. He also founded Rug Radio, a podcast-like Discord server to discuss investments and NFTs.

    Social Media Accounts:

    4) BENTO BOI: 

    Bento Boi

    Next, we’ve got Chinn AKA Bento Boi! He is hands down one of the best NFT influencers! Although he doesn’t like to be called that… Whether he likes it or not, Bento Boi provides a myriad of useful content on everything related to NFTs: whitelist access to upcoming NFT projects, money-making strategies, and market news. Just like an influencer. Moreover, he co-founded @SquishySquadNFT and @WGMI_studios, the “Go To Media Outlet of Web3”.

    Social Media Accounts:

    5) Ohhshiny:

    Ohh Shiny NFT Influencer

    Going by the pseudonym Ohhshiny, this NFT influencer joined forces with others to develop DIGITAL and AQUA. These companies are dedicated to investing in and growing the metaverse. His passion for NFTs is extremely obvious! Ohhshiny shines a light on NFT creators, NFT, and crypto trends while sharing his opinions.

    Social Media Account: Twitter 157K Followers

    6) GmoneyNFT:


    Although GmoneyNFT doesn’t create NFTs, he dedicates his time to providing his followers with fresh intel about NFTs and the metaverse. He is known for sporting his iconic orange beanie iconic CryptoPunk! In detail, he started 15 years ago as an investor in the traditional finance sector. But his futurist vision drove him to understand blockchain technologies! Moreover, he studied them intensively, and learned to capitalize on them, which elevated him as a credible leader in the Web3 realm. Moreover, he hosts events in the metaverse and donates the profit to various foundations. A true humanitarian. 

    Social Media Accounts:


    Kosher Plug

    Next, we’ve got Kosher Plug! The 20-year-old influencer is also the CEO of @ThePlugPass, WGMI Studios, and Kosher Kit Bot. Moreover, this NFT influencer goes over everything from NFT market updates to upcoming collections to the know-how of making money from them. Basically, it’s an excellent place to start! 

    Social Media Accounts:

    8) J1mmy.eth:

    Jimmy Eth

    J1mmy.eth is an NFT influencer/entrepreneur. In short, he founded several businesses. For example, he’s CEO of NFT42. In detail, this company provides a range of NFT solutions, including life-like avatars built on Ethereum and tools for brands to launch and manage their own NFTs. Moreover, he is a big collector of NFTs himself.

    Social Media Accounts:

    9) Mattmedved:

    Matt Medved NFT Influencer

    Matt is the Co-Founder, and CEO of @nftnow. Briefly, this NFT influencer provides advice on NFT investments and how to profit. All the good stuff! Additionally, if you wish to understand how crypto and NFTs work and how to profit from this virtual world, follow this Influencer! 

    Social Media Accounts: 

    10) RyandCrypto:

    RyandCrypto NFT Influencer

    This NFT influencer shares transparent content about how he’s made money through crypto and NFTs. Moreover, he provides information about old, recent, and upcoming NFT projects. He gives advice on which are the best to invest in as well! Ryan’s followers learn how to multiply their profits through NFT projects. Not to mention that the entrepreneur recognizes potential and loves to fund new projects.

    Social Media Accounts:

    11) Beanie:

    Beanie NFT Influencer

    Beanie is an NFT influencer, entrepreneur, and investor for he created several crypto-related startups like PixelVault. Rather than creating/collecting NFTs, Beanie focuses on providing quality information about NFTs, cryptocurrency, and trading. On Twitter, he shares insight on how to sell and invest in NFTs. Finally, he relates how the physical world trends affect the metaverse.

    Social Media Account: Twitter 182.6K Followers

    12) NFT VERSE:

    NFT Verse

    The man behind this platform is none other than Angel! This channel is completely dedicated to NFT tutorials, news and so much more! Angel provides in-depth videos about cool NFT tools, interesting projects, and in detail works. His channel is a pretty handy place to start learning about non-fungibles!

    Social Media Accounts:

    Should You Follow NFT Influencers?: 

    Finally, the metaverse is growing exponentially! No Joke. Everyone is interested in NFT trading and seeks more knowledge on this trade! And any shortcut you can take can help you reach your goals faster. As a result, NFT influencers are becoming more popular and influential. However, you need to know whose door to knock on! Pick your poison depending on what you desire to learn! And remember, the sooner you get into NFTs and the metaverse, the quicker you can start profiting. Time is money here. Literally!


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