The Top Solana NFT Tools You Must Know About!

    In today’s volatile and unpredictable era of NFTs, FOMO and FUD are still dominating the market. People, and enthusiasts to be specific, are still trying to find the best tools to navigate in and survive this critical phase. The first thing that comes in mind is setting a goal to identify the top projects with the best utilities, solid community, and genuine team. However, for people looking to start small, targeting top projects may be a bit farfetched. In this article, we will be sharing some of the best and free Solana NFT tools you must know about!

    Introducing Solana (SOL)

    To kick it off, let’s provide you with a brief introduction on Solana. The open source project is maintained by the Solana Foundation, which is based in Geneva, Switzerland. It works to put into use a new, powerful, and permission-less blockchain.

    In detail, the native token of Solana is called SOL, and it may be given to nodes in a Solana cluster in return for running on-chain programs or certifying its results. It’s worth noting that American Computer Scientist Leslie Lamport had the most technical influence on Solana. So, in his honor, the system capable of processing micropayments of fractional SOLs is known as ‘lamports’. You can learn more about Solana marketplaces here!

    Top Solana Tools

    1) Solana Tracking Tools

    You are well aware of the term, “another day, another NFT project.” Every day, new NFT projects are launched. This makes it difficult for individuals who have invested in NFTs or are considering doing so to keep track of the most well-liked NFT projects in order to make smart investments. Moreover, it takes a lot of time to manually track NFT collections. Due to this, we have listed some of the best Solana tracking tools below:


    One of the first NFT tracking programs, Hyperspace, formerly known as Solanalysis, offered such statistics to traders without charge. The success of the platform can be attributed to their accuracy of tracking, which is as close to “real-time data” as possible.

    Looking at the cost of well-known collections, SOL’s cost, and other factors, we discovered that Hyperspace updates theirs the most frequently. This is a significant advantage if you’re making plays every second. Check it out!


    The Price Movers is one of the interesting features of SolRadar. It displays the 24H biggest sale, lowest sale, and NFT whales that spent a lot of money. The social presence of an NFT project is another ground-breaking area that SolRadar presents. This feature keeps track of the percentage change in a community’s Discord and Twitter followers.


    SolSniper shows popular searches and trending collections, giving you a decent idea of what’s hot right now. Additionally, their live “blockchain explorer”-style system updates every short while.

    The major features of SolSniper appear once you select an NFT project. Along with the total number of listed NFTs and an RSI (Relative Strength Index) indicator, a graph modeled after Tradingview shows.

    The “Watchlist” feature of the platform is also highly useful. Any NFT collection that you add to your watchlist will display an interactive chart with the collection’s floor price in comparison to the number of listings.

    Solana Logo

    2) Solana Rarity Checker: SolRarity

    You definitely know that the more unique your NFT is, the higher its rarity rank is. This makes this feature an important one when it comes to NFT trading. There are many ways that you can tell the ranking of an NFT’s rarity, some are manual while others are much easier.

    Apart from MoonRank and, which somehow work in parallel, SolRarity is the most used Solana tool to assist. It slightly differs from the others! While SolRarity has a website, their rarity checking services are performed via a Discord server.

    What you have to do is go to SolRarity’s Discord server and search for the proper channels titled “Rarity-checker” to see your NFT rarity ranking. Next, find the tag for your collection and enter your NFT ID next to it. Finally, click “submit”! Easy enough?


    3) Solana Tools: NFT Blockchain Explorers

    Examining the price movement and sales of the entire collection is an effective strategy for trading NFTs. This is where the open ledger’s strength, which keeps track of all transactions, comes into play. The top two Solana NFT Blockchain explorers, which provide you a real-time snapshot of sales volume, are shown below.


    You may keep track of the operations on the Solana blockchain in real-time with the free blockchain explorer Solscan. Solscan has built an NFT filter tool so that only NFT sales are displayed because it is not required to follow every transaction on the Solana blockchain. You can look through individual NFTs, popular collections, recently launched projects, and much more in the NFT category.


    Switching to Scour, another NFT blockchain explorer, is an option whenever Solscan goes down. You must go to “Activity” to view all the current sales in the Solana ecosystem because Scour has a page to find new and “trending” NFT projects. The ability of Scour to track individual collection postings, price changes, and bids in addition to sales is a fantastic feature.

    4) Solana Tools: Wallets

    You need a safe and secure wallet in order to roam around the Solana ecosystem. Based on security, accessibility, built-in Chrome support, mobile app support, staking, NFT compatibility, and a host of other factors, we selected three of the best and most secure Solana Wallets.


    Phantom is a cryptocurrency wallet that enables you to hold, transfer, receive, store, and swap tokens on the Solana blockchain in a secure and convenient manner. Andressen Horowitz, Variant, JumpCapital, and Solana all support and invest in Phantom, which most recently raised over 109 million dollars.


    You may store, stack, exchange, and send with Solflare, a non-custodial wallet for Solana. Solflare is accessible on the desktop, on mobile devices, and as a browser extension. For Solana, Solflare is a complete digital wallet solution.

    Ledger Nano X – Offline or Hard Wallet

    With the Bluetooth-enabled hardware wallet Ledger Nano X, you can safely manage and expand your cryptocurrency. Moreover, this wallet supports more than 5,500 currencies and tokens, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and Solana.

    5) Solana Tools: NFT Bots

    People rely on Bots, which are mainly robots that operate on the web, in the crypto and NFT space, despite that this has its disadvantages sometimes. Furthermore, these bots assist you in conducting human-like activities, without you putting in the effort to do so. For example, bots have the ability to mint, sell, buy, and market your NFT project, in addition to other features. Check out the top used Solana NFT bots!

    In detail, to maintain and advertise your NFT project on the secondary market, SolanaBots offers a set of simple-to-configure tools for automated Twitter & Discord bots. In addition, SolanaBots has its own full integration with OpenSea, one of the top secondary NFT marketplaces.

    Magic Eden Minting Bot

    Magic Eden, which is again on the top Solana NFT marketplaces, has its own feature of providing NFT minting bots. Remember that you need a valid NFT card in order to make NFT transactions through Magic Eden.


    NiftyBot is another tool that you can use in order to integrate between Solana and Discord. The platform can help you gain a competitive advantage over rivals and keep your community interested.

    Solana Tools: Let’s wrap it up!

    Solana is one of the fastest growing blockchains in the industry right now! Having the right tools, whether you’re a beginner or a pro, is vital in order to navigate this vast world of endless possibilities. And hey, most of these tools are free, so why not use them both ways, even if in parallel to the paid and more premium ones? If you’re looking for more tips and tricks, don’t worry, stay tuned and we’ll just keep them coming your way!


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