Travis Scott McDonald’s: A Happy Meal Never Tasted So Good!

Cactus Jack sent me. That’s probably the line the Mcdonald’s employees heard from 100s of hypebeasts when they bought the Cactus Jack meal. ANd that made some employees real confused. So what went down with the Travis Scott McDonald’s collaboration? How did the world receive this collab? Finally, did the Travis Scott Mcdonalds partnership affect the resale market? Let’s find out the answers to these questions right now!

Travis Scott McDonald’s Makes It to McHistory?

Anyone born pre-1990, or any well-informed basketball fan knows the iconic McJordan! It was a special collab in the 90s between Michael Jordan and McDonald’s, exclusive to Chicago. That naturally left so many fans dead-envious of the Chicagoans! 

And in 2020, Travis Scott makes it as the first celebrity to partner with the fast-food chain after MJ. However, the collab will be available all over the US for $6, not only one state! So if there’s anything we can conclude, it’s Micky D has mad marketing skills. Even Kanye can’t argue with that. In fact, he tweeted his love for the commercial!

Some Collab Deets

Alright so, we know the Travis Scott McDonalds partnership includes his favorite meal: The Quarter Pounder with fries, bbq sauce, and Sprite! But Cactus Jack didn’t stop there, he and McD went further and dropped a huge collection of apparel and accessories. Although they’re all as… peculiar as the collaboration, we chose our favorite five items!

Nugget Body Pillow

This is definitely on the top of our list. I’m still wondering how Supreme missed this collaboration. We would happily add it to our list of most WTF Supreme items! However, Cactus Jack beat them to it. Now we don’t know what the thought process behind this was, but we’re glad it exists!

Travis scott mcdonalds pillow nuggetTravis scott mcdonalds pillow nugget

Retail Price: $90
Avg. Resale Value: $250

Life-Size Cactus Jack Action Figure Cutout

Well, somewhere out in the world, someone would like to have a Cactus Jack themed party. And if they do, this cutout is the perfect prop for it!

Travis scott mcdonalds cutout

Retail Price: $65
Avg. Resale Value: $260

Travis Scott McDonalds Blanket

Goes perfectly with the nugget pillow. If you managed to cop both these items to keep, you’re literally sleeping on a fortune! So resell them and you can buy… a lot of meals.

Travis scott mcdonald's blanket

Retail Price: $78
Avg. Resale Value: $200

Travis Scott McDonald’s Lunchbox

A lunchbox to reinforce your hypebeast status at school or at work. Maybe make it a family heirloom for the day Travis Scott items become something of a legend. The lunchbox actually includes a thermos too, so you’re all set for food adventures!

Travis scott mcdonald’s lunchbox

Retail Price: $45
Avg. Resale Value: $169

Cactus Jack Lunch Tray

I’m lovin’ it! The motto is printed vandalism-style on the lunch tray. We don’t know what use you could actually have out of this other than flipping honestly. But happily, it resells for some good cash!

Travis scott mcdonalds tray

Retail Price: $30
Avg. Resale Value: $117

The Public Reacts to Travis Scott McDonalds!

Well, mainly the reactions swayed between extreme excitement and indifference. From hypebeasts to the majority of 40+ adults, you can tell who felt what. However, there’s another part of the population who entertained us with some hilarious tweets and retweets! Our favorite tweet so far though is McDonald’s resale joke about the Travis Scott McDonald’s Burger.

Other people expressed their irritation with the collaboration. Heck! We wanted new tracks! That doesn’t mean they won’t be eating up that merch like a Big Mac.

We personally can’t hate on the collaboration! In fact, we know that whenever Travis Scott is up to something, we’ll be watching. And we actually hope he collaborates with Supreme at some point. That will cause the apocalypse of servers and websites all over the world!

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