Unstoppable Domains x Polygon: New Web3 Messaging Service!

    Without a doubt, Web3 messaging services aid effective communication between individuals while preventing data breaches and unauthorized use of the private data of users.

    And they are no longer a foreign concept!

    Nowadays, you can find many Web2 equivalents rolling out for the decentralized clan. Check out some of the most popular Web3 social platforms right here!

    Basically, you’ll soon be able to send encrypted DMs over the blockchain, courtesy of this web3 messaging service brought to us by Unstoppable Domains and Polygon!

    Unstoppable NFT Tool Extension

    And people are excited!

    When did the company choose Polygon for its messaging service?

    Well, the two companies already have an extensive partnership. They just rolled out .Polygon domains last week… 

    And it’s worth mentioning that Polygon has a large ecosystem. They do dApps and games, and collaborate with Web2 companies.

    Significantly, Polygon blockchain fosters a highly engaged community of enthusiasts and Web3 savvies. All this makes it a great candidate for the collab, obviously… 

    So, let’s learn all about this new Web3 messaging service coming soon on the block!

    Announcing The New Web3 Messaging Service

    On March 23, the two companies announced the brand new service, and they will release it by the end of 2023. Allegedly.

    In detail, only people who own domain endings, such as .polygon, .nft, or .x, can use them to send peer-to-peer encrypted messages to one another as long as they’ve minted their domain to a wallet address.

    Polygon x Unstopppable Domains


    • Connect with your friends or stay up to date on news from your favorite projects. 
    • Moreover, encrypted messages are ideal for discussing sensitive topics like blockchain development. 
    • Unstoppable Messaging will eliminate the need to share your private email or phone number. 
    • This new Web3 messaging service allows you to target and message other users according to the badges for collections they hold. 
    • You’ll be able to block individual users from messaging you. And you can enable only a select list of users to message you. Or if you prefer, block all new messages entirely.

    Decentralization of Social Media Apps

    Chief Operating Officer for Unstoppable Domains, Sandy Carter, stressed the importance of a Web3 messaging service within the decentralized community. And we totally agree!

    She said: “With messaging, your favorite apps, games, and metaverses can build more cohesive and vibrant communities that are equipped to thrive in the decentralized world. We’re thrilled to get working on Unstoppable Messaging and to help our partners connect with their communities.”

    Centralized social media platforms own our content and data while raking in billions; we get nothing in return. Additionally, we’ve seen the damage done when our info is compromised!

    So, a shift must take place. This is the era of self-sovereign identity management and non-custodial key management.

    With that said, decentralized social media platforms automatically eliminate the middleman service provider. Basically, this shift will yield a simple, intuitive user experience.

    This happens while protecting the integrity and privacy of all messages and personal information shared on the communication platform.

    As a result, it will give people of Web3 the opportunity to build their communities in a safe and self-governed space.

    How will everyone receive this new web3 messaging app? Will it be up to standard? We’ll have to wait and see!


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