Check Out These Upcoming May 2023 NFT Drops!

    Although the market is pretty stagnant at the moment, this doesn’t by any means stop creators from coming out with new NFT collections to fill the already highly saturated market. Okay, that sounded wrong… Anyways, if you wish to venture into a new cool project, let’s provide you with our top picks for upcoming May NFT drops 2023.

    We always provide you with the drops you FOLLOW the most! However, to jazz up the process and go a different route, We are gonna give you the newest low-key projects on the blockchain that look the most promising!

    We hope you enjoy our selection!


    Upcoming May NFT Drops: MEM3 NFT

    The meme culture in Web3 is in full force. With the current Meme coin hype, the community demands its jokes. If you like things resembling 9GAG but for the decentralized community, and you appreciate the highly unrefined and unsophisticated internet memes, we advise you to go ahead and check out this upcoming May NFT drop!

    Melted Dudz

    Upcoming May NFT Drops: Melted Dudz NFT

    Melted Dudz NFTs are a way this community plans to reward their OG Dudz holders. In detail, their website is extremely appealing to the average viewer, and they look like a fun bunch. With so many Discord members ready to answer any of your questions, you can’t go wrong by checking out this upcoming May NFT drop!

    Behind The Veil Upcoming May NFT Drop

    Behind The Veil NFT

    • Discord: N/A
    • Twitter: 10.2K Followers

    Next up on our upcoming May NFT drops is this collection for all the deep souls out there! Prepare to go on a mesmerizing journey through the hidden realms of your subconscious with Railaitė’s new project. Furthermore, this unique series of NFTs promises to immerse you in a world of mystery and to “pull back the veil” to reveal the dance of your alter ego. I am intrigued… 

    Laugh Out Labs (It’s Just A Joke)

    Laugh Out Labs NFT

    Laugh Out Labs LLC came up with this satire collection to bring laughter and humor to the web3 community. In detail, the web3 company teamed up with renowned comedians Norman Towns, Ksenia, Clayton Farris, and Mark Serrittella for the bits in the “NFTs ARE A JOKE” collection.

    Not to mention that a portion of the collection’s proceeds will go towards supporting charities and organizations focused on vital causes like mental health, environmental conservation, and social justice. Basically, if you appreciate satire, you should definitely check out this upcoming May NFT drop! Join the mint waitlist here!

    Upcoming May NFT Drops: A Disclaimer

    We are in no way shape, or form qualified to give you financial advice. These projects just look cool and promising on the outside. So, we highly encourage you to do your full due diligence before shelling out any dime on new projects, especially these upcoming May NFT drops! Last but not least, stay tuned for more!


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