Utopia Avatars NFT Collection: Rise Of The Utopians 

    NFT collections always went above and beyond when it comes to designs and themes. From pixelated art to animals to 3D-generated NFTs comes the trending NFT collection Utopia Avatars. The Utopia Avatars NFT collection is gaining a lot of attention lately and for all the right reasons. Moreover, the collection is all hand drawn and transmits values of diversity. And inclusion through the NFTs which double as avatars called ‘The Utopians.’ Let’s dig in. 

    Utopia Avatars 

    The Utopia Avatars collection was created on Feb 2022 by Utopia, a Web3 ecosystem. That aims to revolutionize traditional business operations through the use of Blockchain technology. 

    The collection features 6,627 3D art collectible tokens built on the Ethereum Blockchain, offering both tangible and virtual opportunities and experiences for its holders.  Utopia Avatars will provide added value to the holders who, through acquiring these avatars, will have access to multiple utilities beyond the art.

    In addition, Utopia Avatars’ value proposition focuses on offering its holders an experience or utilities. Based on physical and digital spaces on a product that builds with the community and for the long term. 

    According to CoinGecko, the collection’s statistics are as follows:

    • Floor Price: 0.33999000 ETH ($620.95 )
    • Market Cap: 2,253 ETH ($4,115,067)
    • 24H Volume: 59.887 ETH( $109,377)

    The Team

    Utopia Avatars were created by Utopia, a Web3 ecosystem founded by Alejandro Saez, Maria Bravo, and Javier Garcia with the vision of focusing on bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds. Their mission is to disrupt traditional business models through Web3 technology innovations. 

    Furthermore, Utopia Avatars focuses on the enjoyment of its holders in physical and digital spaces. The development of this community will adhere to values of transparency, innovation, and philanthropy. Which are the defining elements of the Utopia ecosystem. 

    Utopia partnered with two renowned artists, Joaquín Ganga and Richard Orlinski, who embody the spirit of Utopia. 

    Utopia Avatars Utilities 

    The collection offers multiple Utilities for its holders and they are divided into categories:

    R. Orlinski:
    • 1901 Digigraphie shipped home
    • 2 annual IRL Events
    • 101 Red Gorilla sculpture shipped home
    • IP rights

    Ganga is a tattoo studio in Los Angeles California. Utopia Avatars owns 20% shares of Ganga Tattoo L.A. studio in its Treasury. 

    • 150 exclusive Nomads sculptures shipped home
    • 1 No Pain Annual Experience
    • 20 annual Tattoos 
    • Free Utopia Tattoos for the whole community

    • Unique digital space Airdropped to every holder
    • RDT utility+ Moments& Memories technology
    • Concert area
    • Gaming area 
    • Education area
    • Treasury 
    • Merchandising ( with Orlinski and Ganga collabs)
    • 1 annual IRL Utopia Avatars Event

    Utopia Summit

    Recently, Utopia announced that an annual IRL community event funded by Utopia will take place soon. And they even published an entire itinerary of what the attending holders can expect to take place during this summit.

    First Day: 

    • A dinner with community members 
    • The well-being experience 

    Second Day: 

    • Guest speakers 
    • Product experiences 

    Third Day:

    • Community pitching occurs, and Juries will be present (8 members from the UA community, Flights and Accommodations are covered)
    • IRL investments 
    • An Afterparty 
    • A Gala for Philanthropy at the end of the summit 

    Summit Timeline:

    • Late November of every year


    • To be announced

    Final Statement

    Finally, the Utopia Avatars NFT collection is avidly working to link both NFTs and the Metaverse together, creating a power duo. Moreover, the Metaverse is a very powerful tool, and imagine combining it with an even more powerful tool, NFTs, this will garner more attention and thus more holder. One must be honest here, this was definitely a power move by Utopia. Kudos to that! you can check out the collection on Opensea


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