VeeFriends NFT: Diving Into the Creative Mind of Gary Vee!

    The VeeFriends NFT collection has become one of the most popular and unique NFT collections out there. Even though it has only been around a year since its initial launch! Longtime entrepreneur and investor Gary Vaynerchuck – aka Gary Vee – launched the collection back in May 2021. 

    In a span of one year, it ranks 11th by sales volume of all time according to CryptoSlam. With sales worth $551,910,662 in Ethereum! Gary Vee created these NFTs as a way to build a community around his creative and business passions. The collection is hand-drawn characters with alliterative names that Gary Vee drew himself to represent the most admirable human traits. Keep reading to find out more about this legendary project!


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    Collection Website:
    Twitter Profile: @veefriends
    Instagram: @veefriends
    OpenSea Floor Price: 8.3 ETH
    Etherscan Address: VFT

    What is VeeFriends NFT?

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    VeeFriends NFT is Gary Vaynerchuk’s NFT collection that he created on May 11th, 2021. The brand features Mini Drop, Book Games, and their upcoming Series 2 collection. However, their initial drop – or Series 1 – consists of 10,255 VeeFriends tokens. But, the drop included a set of special tokens – 1,242 tokens – called the G.O.O (Gary Originally Owned). Gary reserved these NFTs for his own collection leaving 9,013 NFTs for the public launch. The tokens were categorized into 9,400 Admission tokens, 300 Access tokens, and 555 Gift Goat tokens. Buying a VeeFriends NFT meant direct access to VeeCon – a yearly superconference.

    Each token in Series 1 is based on one of the 268 characters that Gary Vee original hand-drew. Each character represents some of Gary’s most admired human traits. Also, each character also has alliterative names like Adventurous Astronaut, Courageous Cockatoo, and Empathetic Elephant. 


    Another part of being in the VeeFriends NFT community is VeeCon. You immediately become part of the VeeFriends community upon purchase of an NFT with three-year access to VeeCon. VeeCon is a multi-day superconference that hots a variety of speakers like Beeple, Steve Aoki, and even Snoop Dogg!

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    VeeFriends NFT Series 2

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    In April 2022, Gary Vee revealed VeeFriends NFT Series 2 – a collection of 55,555 NFTs. Each token costs $995 USD worth of ETH. This was an attempt to make NFTs more affordable to the average NFT collector and join the community. The release spanned different days of April that started with an NFT whitelist. 

    Book Games NFT holders were randomly whitelisted to mint 32,000 NFTs. Also, VeeFriends NFT Series 1 holders were also able to claim Series 2 NFTs out of 10,255 allotted tokens. And then, on April 25th, the public sale was open to 10,000 NFTs available for minting. 

    Finally, you should note that VeeFriends NFT Series 2 holders do not get access to VeeCon but they do get other utilities. You can buy these NFTs on the secondary NFT marketplace OpenSea! Make sure to check out the entire gang on the VeeFriend Library here!


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