Have Virgil Abloh & Nike Gone Too Far With “The Ten” Collection?

    Like last year, Virgil Abloh and Nike are collaborating to release another “The Ten” collection, or so we thought. As of now, they’re way past 10 sneakers. Seeing leaks of the limited sneakers were fun at first, but now we’re just rolling our eyes at the number of OFF-WHITE x Nikes that are dropping.

    Nike x Virgil Abloh 

    Nike paired up with designer Virgil Abloh in 2017 and allowed him to deconstruct 10 Nike different models. Their collection was called “The Ten” and it was a dubbed the best collaboration of last year. This year, they’re doing it again. But instead of just releasing 10 pairs we’re seeing leaks of all kinds of shoes and colorways.

    Sneaker leaker, @py_rates shares the leaks and mockups on his Instagram account. If you visit his feed, you’ll find a heaping load of OFF-WHITE Nikes rumored to drop. As opposed to the black and white theme, we’re due to see more colors in the collection.

    Resale Market

    Just when Nike got a successful line running, they had to mess it up. Like they did with Jordan Brand. Over-saturation isn’t an issue for Nike, they’re sure their sneakers will sell. But it affects the resale price for resellers trying to hustle for a couple Benjamins.

    But do we suspect that they risk over-saturation?

    Not really. It’s not like the same shoe is dropping in a bunch of different colorways (ahem ahem JB). The OFF-White x Nike collaboration consists of a variety of different silhouettes. Each shoe comes with a unique Virgil Abloh touch. He is certainly getting more and more recognized with reach drop. If anything is getting over-saturated it’s his name.

    Virgil Abloh in the Media

    With his work alongside Kanye West and launching his personal brand, OFF-WHITE, Virgil Abloh is no stranger to fame in the media. And with his recent adoption into the Louis Vuitton household, the buzz around his name is undying.


    The second “The Ten” collection is more than just 10 sneakers. It’s a celebration of new colorways and silhouettes for fans of both Nike and Virgil. As for resellers, OFF-WHITE Nike sneakers do better than other collabs. Seeing as how there’s a diversity of colors and models, resellers will still be able to get the most for the buck by copping these kicks. Good luck fam!


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