Warner Music Group Is Hosting DJ Contest In The Sandbox!

    The Warner Music Sandbox debuted one of the biggest Demo Drop DJ contests in the history of Sandbox. Over the past 20 years, the event has been responsible for launching the careers of many DJs in the electronic music scene. Now 5 DJs/music producers have a chance to launch their careers on various platforms. Including one of the leading virtual worlds in Web3. Let’s dig in. 

    The Warner Music Sandbox Collab

    Warner Music Group joined The Sandbox Metaverse in 2022. Creating its first Music Land. The strategic partnership marks The Sandbox’s first deal with a major music company. It’s also Warner Music Group’s first entry into the NFT Metaverse realm. WMG is one of the world’s biggest music companies. Comprising hundreds of top artists and labels including Atlantic, Warner Records, Elektra, and Parlophone. The agreement opens the doors to WMG talent appearing in The Sandbox – thus creating a new arena for musical entertainment in the metaverse.

    Under the partnership, The Sandbox works with WMG to develop innovative music experiences taking place on the WMG LAND. These immersive experiences empower Warner Music artists to engage with their fans. As well as to reach the global community of The Sandbox. This will also generate new revenue streams and new forms of virtual entertainment.

    The Competition

    WBDD (world’s biggest demo drop) operates under ‘Spinnin’ Records,’ a Dutch electronic music label affiliated with Warner Music Group. The event will take place from January 26 to February 8. And it is open to anyone who wants to participate. To participate, you would need is KYC verified Sandbox account, then you can start joining the quests. 

    Moreover, those who can pass 80% of the quests will be able to win 1 piece of memorabilia. And a share of the 50,000 $SAND reward pool. Meanwhile, an extra 50,000 $SAND prize pool awaits those who complete 80% of the quests and have a WMG pass.

     Therefore, Spinnin Records is encouraging new DJs from all over the world to submit their demos. To have the opportunity to win “ an official Spinnin’ Records or Music Freedom release.” So far, there have been over 2,000 demos submitted. 

    Warner music Sandbox Activities

    Aside from music, major fashion labels are running events in The Sandbox. Gucci bought land in The Sandbox to launch their Vault Land event last October. And NYX, a cosmetics company, launched an Avatar collection in June 2022. A leading association of U.S. fashion designers is also running an event in The Sandbox. These companies find value in the Metaverse by creating engaging experiences for customers. Using interactive advertising, and building relationships through loyalty programs.

    Furthermore, Warner Music Group has been fairly active in web3 and metaverse experiences. “As our lives become increasingly digital, exciting opportunities are opening up for artists and fans to engage and interact,” said Oana Ruxandra, Chief Digital Officer & EVP, Business Development at WMG.

    Just yesterday, the company announced the launch of “Rhythm City,” a music-themed experience on the gaming platform Roblox. More recently, the company partnered with to offer songs as NFTs. WMG also collaborated with NFT marketplace OpenSea in September 2022 to enable artists to have dedicated pages for NFT drops, with the larger goal of helping artists build communities in different mediums.

    Final Statement

    Lastly, this warner music Sandbox project is gaining a lot of attention in the music and Metaverse scenes. The future of music is getting linked to Web3 and the Metaverse. Like WMG, other music events are also taking place in the Metaverse this year. The famous Woodstock festival is holding a tribute festival to the original 1969 event in the Metaverse. Check it out here. Also, if you are an aspiring DJ or a metaverse fanatic, or even both, you should definitely check out this event in The Sandbox. Stay tuned for more news.


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