Best Web3 Development Courses and Tools for Beginners

    The new iteration of the internet is among us. The Web3 era is on the rise and it has opened many opportunities for developers and computer programmers to participate in the conception of this new technology. Nowadays, many business models are shifting their data from Web2 to Web3 technologies despite the fact that the latter is unclear and in its infancy. The more individuals and businesses take interest in Web3, the faster its development and thus the greater the demand is for Web3 and blockchain developers. If you are an eager developer wanting to step into the Web3 space and be a part of its birth and development, we’ve got you covered! This article will go over the best Web3 development courses for beginners and other learning tools you might need to kickstart your Web3 journey. 

    What is Web3 Development?

    Web3 development is the new computer programming sector that focuses on building decentralized applications (DApps) that run on the blockchain. Although it’s a branch of computer science, Web3 development tackles various new technologies and advancements like blockchain technology, decentralized networks, and writing smart contracts.  

    How to Become a Web3 Developer 

    In order to become a Web3 developer, a simple computer science degree won’t do the job. A Web3 developer has to be skilled in various programming fields in order to venture into the new era of the decentralized internet. First, Web3 developers need to be knowledgeable about everything blockchain technology, have problem-solving skills, be experts in mathematics, and have creative and communication skills. In order to become a Web3 developer, you’ll have to: 

    • Learn concepts such as cryptography, metaverse, and blockchain technology by taking paid or free courses on the internet. 
    • Learn the necessary programming language such as Python, JavaScript, C++, and Solidity
    • Learn how to write smart contracts and test them on blockchain platforms like Ethereum and Cardano to avoid typical mistakes and code errors. 

    Check out this article for all the Web3 skills needed!

    Web3 Development Courses for Beginners

    Web3 Courses

    We’ve curated the best and free Web3 development courses for beginners to set you off on a long and fruitful programming learning experience. 



    freeCodeCamp is an online platform with a mission to help people learn to code for free. The platform houses thousands of educational videos and interactive coding lessons all free to access to the general public. With over 6 million subscribers on YouTube, the freeCodeCamp platform has thousands of videos tackling various programming courses ranging from data analysis to machine learning and AI. 

    What’s great about this platform is that it has hundreds of videos and tutorials targeting Web3 development and blockchain technology tools. It also has a 16-hour-long course that transforms you from a Web3 developer noob to a blockchain EXPERT! Courses range from building Web3 DApps, Solidity tutorials, and building smart contracts. Check out some of their courses below:

    Web3 Foundation 

    If you want more chilled-back kinds of courses, check out the Web3 Foundation channel on Youtube. The Web3 Foundation has a full playlist about the fundamentals of Web3 blockchain. It’s a series of 20 lectures starting with the history of blockchain technology to end with smart contracts. The videos are very systematic and clear and are reminiscent of university lectures. You can also find various Web3 content like Web3 summits and workshops. Check some cool content below:

    JavaScript Mastery 

    JavaScript Mastery

    JavaScript Mastery is a coding platform that offers free programming courses and resources as well as paid advanced courses. On their website, there is a free resource and guide section where you can find two extensive Web3 guides, The Web3 3.0 Developer Roadmap, and the Ultimate Solidity CheatSheet. If you don’t mind spending extra cash to fund your Web3 learning experience, the website also offers a paid course, Become a Web3.0 Pioneer by Building an Advanced NFT Marketplace App for $227 with a discount of up to $30. However, if you can’t afford to pay, the platform offers free educational videos on its Youtube channel. There are about 12 hours of Web3 content for developers to delve into the depth of the new technology. Check them out:

    Web3 Learning Tools 

    Web3 Learning Tools

    Another way to learn and practice your Web3 skills is to look for Web3 development tools that might help you along the way. Here are the best tools and resources to aid you.

    • Solidity by Example: This website introduces you to Solidity by deploying simple examples to read a Solidity code. Examples are also accompanied by Youtube videos that explain how they function. 
    • Blockchain Demo: A visualization of how blockchain works. It has the ability to add blocks, deploy hashing functions, built-in peer-to-peer networks, and much more. Another cool blockchain demo is Anders Brownworth’s demo which functions similarly but with the ability to add transactions. 
    • Eth Build: Most probably one of the coolest Ethereum simulators on the internet. It is a platform that allows you to prototype Web3 and blockchain technology on the Ethereum network. It has various options, from generating keys to writing code for a smart contract. 
    • Crypto Zombies: A game that teaches you to write smart contracts in Solidity by building your own NFT game. It is a great resource to start learning about the Ethereum blockchain technology and how to build and run DApps.  

    Other Resources

    Other Resources

    There are many other ways to learn and gain Web3 development skills than just taking courses. Some of them are: 

    Subscribe to YouTube Channels

    There are many YouTubers who offer tons of Web3 development content. Although they might not include fully detailed courses, they offer valuable development insights and tips and tricks. Channels like DApps University, EatTheBlocks, and Moralis Web3 cover many Web3 topics such as DApps, Ethereum and EVM, Solidity smart contracts, and much more. 

    Follow Crypto Influencers

    The best thing to do in order to be up-to-date on various Web3 projects is to follow crypto and Web3 influencers on Twitter. You can follow people like Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum co-founder, and Tim Beiko, core Ethereum developer. Here’s a list of Web3 development accounts to follow:

    Join a Web3 Discord 

    Just like Twitter, Discord is the best place to get into the Web3 development sphere. Discord is a great tool to meet other Web3 enthusiasts, get educational materials, and participate in discussions. Check out these Discord servers: 

    • Buildspace: Buildspace is the perfect Discord for developers that are curious about the Web3 space. It offers many educational materials and offers many ways to learn and expand your Web3 knowledge. 
    • Alchemy:  This Discord server offers many tutorials for developers to kickstart their Web3 journey.

    Participate in a Web3 Hackathon 

    A hackathon is a global event where programmers, computer engineers, and business experts join together to collaborate on creative projects. You can view a hackathon as a coding competition that happens between a large number of the programming community. This event has made its way to the Web3 sphere and many Web3 hackathons are held each year. Some of the best hackathons to participate in are the ETHDenver, Solana Summer Camp, Polygon BUILDit, and ETHOnline

    The Journey to Web3 Development

    This may be the best time to jump in on the Web3 space as major companies and technologies are shifting into a decentralized internet. The employment surge of Web3 developers is ever-so-increasing as the mainstream is slowly digesting the potential of Web3, just like Web2 was to Web1. Just like how countries like Qatar are in desperate need of architects and civil engineers to fill up the empty lands with architectural structures, Web3 is an empty land waiting for developers to do their magic. As you saw, learning Web3 development is easy regarding the number of online resources, educational materials, and courses available. What are you waiting for? Be a catalyst in the new era of the internet!


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