Top 5 Web3 Domain Providers: Pros, Cons, and Customer Reviews

    We all have names that represent us. If you want to refer to the iconic English crime and thriller author, you’ll say Agatha Christie. Same thing with websites, they have “domain names”. For example, if you want to tell your friends about the high-quality web3 and NFT website (please do), you’ll pass them our “domain” name which is “”. That’s on web2. However, web3 domains are a bit different and better. We’ll explain what they are and give you the top web3 domain providers. Alll while looking at their pros, cons and what their customers have to say about them.. 

    What’s the difference between web2 and web3 domains?

    We know what a domain is, but what makes a web3 domain stand out from the web2 one? It’s quite simple. Web2 domain names like .com, .net, .org, are regulated by ICANN. ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names, is a non-profit organization that regulates the domain name systems to make sure all web2 websites are up and running. 

    It’s giving “centralized” control. So, let’s say I want a domain name for my website, I have to lease it from ICANN. Wait, can I not buy a web2 domain name? ICANNot. Get it? In all seriousness, you can’t “own” a web2 domain. Even Facebook and Google don’t own their domain names. You just pay a yearly fee for the right to use one.

    However, web3’s main core belief is decentralization. It’d be hypocritical to follow web2’s system. So, you can actually buy a web3 domain name and it’s yours forever. No one can control it but you. 

    And, they’re usually linked with the public wallet addresses which make it easier to give to someone. Instead of giving them a one-line address with a bunch of letters and numbers, you can just give them yourname.crypto. For a further explanation of the difference between web2 and web3 domains, check this article

    Anyway, so in short:

    • Web2 domains are centralized, web3’s are decentralized
    • You can only lease a web2 domain but you can own a web3 domain by buying it once

    So, if you’re in this NFT/crypto space, and you want to get your hands on a web3 domain, I got you. Here are the top web3 domain providers. 

    #1 Unstoppable Domains – Own Your Web3 Domain

    Unstoppable Domains Web3 Provider

    Unstoppable domain is one of the leading web3 domain providers featured in The New York Times, Forbes, and Coindesk. Once you buy your unstoppable domain name, you can use it as your website URL and wallet payment address. You can also use it to log into multiple websites and applications. 


    • No renewal fees, pay once and it’s yours forever
    • No gas fees on Polygon
    • Price starting at $5+
    • Fast customer support
    • You can access the services using apps for iOS and Android.
    • Supports several applications (chainlink, bitcoin wallet, coinbase wallet, rainbow wallet, and more)
    • Supports various browsers like Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Brave


    • Some web3 domains can cost more than $20,000 dollars
    • Some domains are still pre-sale only
    • You might have to pay gas fees
    • You hold full responsibility for your assets. If you lose your wallet, private keys, or your account was hacked, you will lose access.

    Customer Reviews

    The majority of the reviews on UD seems to be positive. Users seem to be immensely satisfied with how fast and responsive the customer support team is at UD.

    UD Reviews

    Moreover, they are happy with how easy and smooth the process of acquiring a web3 domain is through UD. They even note it’s “the best thing on the internet”. And, of course, users are grateful that there’s an alternative to their really long wallet address. 

    However, a dark side is inevitable. There are users saying that the company allegedly engages in false advertising and fails to disclose crucial information to potential buyers. And, a common negative review is that once the users bought/minted the domain, they were unable to access them. 

    UD Review Web


    #2 Ethereum Name Service (.eth) – ETH Web3 Domain Provider

    Ethereum Name Service Web3 Provider

    Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a web3 domain provider allowing the registration, resolution, and transfer of ENS domains. ENS domains are registered on the Ethereum blockchain and you can use them to transmit and receive ETH and other Ethereum-based tokens.


    • You can utilize ENS domains with multiple DNS names, including .com, .org, .io, .xyz, .art, and .app
    • You can use your domain name for your wallet address
    • Separate each Ethereum address’s domain name
    • You can use traditional domains like .com, .org, and .io


    • Yearly ETH fees range between $5 and $640 
    • Once your registration ends, if you pass your grace period (90 days) without paying, the name is available to be registered by anyone. 
    • Demand is high so you might not find what you want

    Customer Reviews

    Users seem to be very satisfied with ENS domains. ENS does indeed have a gid and supportive community out there. You can scroll through the crypto Twitter and find a bunch of different accounts with the .eth domain.

    Moreover, recently, big names like Puma joined in, and that caused NFT and crypto fanatics to grab their own domains. 

    #3 Bonfida – Solana Web3 Domain Provider

    Bonfida web3

    Bonfida is a web3 domain provider limited to the Solana blockchain. It allows you to create “a human-readable identity by replacing decentralized addresses with a domain name of your choice”.


    • Human-readable identity
    • Using these Bonfida names, you can transact, sell NFT, and host projects.
    • Using your domain name, you can verify your Twitter account on web3
    • You can link your Twitter account to your blockchain address 
    • You can transact, tokenize, buy and sell domain names as NFTs
    • Integrated with different platforms like SolanaFloor, MagicEden, Trust Wallet, and others. 


    • Users face bug issues during buying and registration process
    • Inconsistency with the phantom wallet compatibility

    Customer Reviews

    Bonfida has over 97K followers on Twitter so they do have a big audience. Various platforms host giveaways and users are usually very excited to get their hands on one.

    However, complaints are also present. Common problem users are complaining about is the incompatibility and inconsistency with Phantom Wallet.

    On their Discord channel, Users are also complaining about bugs during the buying and registration process. Too many bugs. 

    Bonfida review

    Bonfida domain review

    #4 PeerName – Web Based Domain Provider

    PeerName web3 domain providers

    PeerName offers a web-based interface so users can easily register domain names. All domains are also stored in cold storage, which is separate from computers and the internet.


    • You own 100% own your domain
    • Hidden owner name service
    • Relies on offline transactions with verified signatures for the domain renewal and registration
    • Free for the first year
    • Offers blockchain-related names like .bit, .coin, .bazar, .emc, .lib, and .onion.


    • If you pick the renewal service, you have to pay a yearly fee
    • Customer Support is limited to business hours (no 24 hours support)
    • Doesn’t support Coinbase wallet,, and Cloudflare 

    Customer Reviews

    Even though Peername stands at the number 4 on our top web3 domain providers list, but some users recommend it over other web3 domain providers. And, some are showing how easy it is to access.

    #5 – Customize Your Web3 Domain

    freename web3 domain providers is a custom web3 domain and TLDs (Top Level Domain) provider. TLDs refers to everything that comes after the domain name. In this case, io is the TLD. Freename allows you to create your own blockchain domain with a personalized TLD (like .santa) without paying renewal fees. 


    • Customizable domain and TLD
    • No renewal fees
    • Allows you to trademark your domain and TLD
    • After creating and registering a TLD, you get royalties for every web3 domain registered using that TLD
    • Multi-chain approach: you can choose to create and mint your domain and TLD on one of the various blockchains: Polygon, Cronos, Aurora, Binance, and more coming soon
    • You scan and see the TLDs already in use to ensure no duplication of TLD


    • They can change the terms and conditions at any time and it will directly be put into use. You should always check. 
    • If you don’t agree with their terms and conditions, they can take your account holding the web3 domain from you without any notice.

    terms of web3 domain providers

    • They can stop all their services without prior notice

    terms and services

    Customer Reviews

    On both their Discord server and Twitter, the general reviews for the web3 domain provider seem to be positive. 

    freename customer review


    Now, you’re set. You know top web3 domain providers and you have a solid idea of their benefits and disadvantages. And, of course, customer reviews. You can say you’re almost well-versed in this area. So, if you choose to get your hand on a domain, pick wisely. While you’re at it, check out this web3 project that might outrun the blockchain! 


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