Web3 Skills You Need to Master In 2023!

    As the new iteration of the internet keeps expanding, so does the need for the people behind it. In the past two decades, we saw a boom in the technology sector as more and more Web 2.0 companies recruited developers and tech experts. The same thing is happening with the next decentralized era of the internet. Web3 encompasses wide technological sectors that circle around blockchain technology, distributed ledgers, cryptocurrency, metaverse, and NFTs. It’s safe to say that currently, the number of Web 2.0 developers is much more than Web3 ones. Thus, in order for Web3 to further develop and expand into reality, There’s a need for a large number of Web3 developers to architect this new era of the internet. Interested in contributing to Web3? Read along to see what Web3 skills you need to master. 

    Web3 Skills 

    It’s crucial for aspiring techies to harness longstanding Web3 skills and further develop the ever-so-expanding world of the blockchain. We’ve compiled a list of skills that all interested Web3 enthusiasts should grasp as soon as possible. 

    Technical Skills

    Blockchain and Smart Contracts

    The first thing any aspiring developer should know is the fundamentals of blockchain technology, how it works, and native Web3 languages. How could you develop something you don’t understand? You need to build a solid understanding of how blockchain and smart contracts work. Questions like what are smart contracts, what are decentralized apps, how data get stored on a blockchain, proof-of-work vs. proof-of-stake, and what is mining should be asked and answered.  

    After that, you can start learning to write your own smart contracts which are pieces of code encrypted on the blockchain that cannot be changed. The programming language most used for developing smart contracts is Solidity

    Cryptography Basics


    Cryptography is one of the most complex fields of programming, however, it is the most necessary. It is used to protect and secure information. It also helps in understanding how blockchain transactions work. Moreover, it requires a good knowledge of mathematics, statistics, and computer science. Also, security is a big deal in Web3, and since Web3 applications deal with transactions in full transparency, it is very much susceptible to attacks. Therefore, Web3 is looking for ways to enhance overall security.

    AR/VR Framework

    If you are more interested in the metaverse side of Web3, then you should start learning skills related to augmented and virtual reality. Unity and Unreal Engine are softwares for creating real-time immersive content, so starting there will be a good place. Also, if you are passionate about creating 3D models you could learn 3D tools like 3D max. In addition, Web3 developers have to acquire skills like three.js and babylon.js. 

    Front-end Design

    Front-end is everything that you see on-screen. Meaning that Web3 apps are in need to improve their UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) design. You’ll need proficiency in HTML, CSS, Flex, Grid, and JavaScript. 

    Programming Skills 

    The main programming languages that Web3 employs are Solidity, Python, JavaScript C++, and Go. And thus, any programmer interested in building the backends and frontends of Web3 should start mastering these coding languages. 

    Curly Bracket Language

    Curly Bracket

    If you are a programmer, then you might have seen a code that starts and ends with these brackets { }. These symbols are necessary for Web3 programming because they are used to separate blocks of code. Brackets save you the trouble of searching through endless lines of code in search of an error. You probably already know this since curly bracket language is based on C. However, in Web3, Vyper and Solidity use bracket language for smart contracts. These tools however require extensive knowledge of C++ and JavaScript. JavaScript is mostly used in Web3 for off-chain development.

    Command Line Interface CLI

    Although it’s an old-school command system, CLI is still widely used today for its lesser time consumption and fewer resources. CLI is used in Web3 to quickly connect blockchain nodes and for its ability to create smart contracts without the use of Solidity. 

    Web3 Soft Skills

    When it comes to Web3, the first thing we think about is technology and hard skills. However, those who are interested in the development of this new era of the internet are in need of soft skills like communication and teamwork. Some of these skills are:

    • Financial Skills: Finance is an important aspect of Web3 because of its investment timing characteristics. Knowing when and how much to invest is a demanded Web3 skill.
    • Legal Consultations: The legal implications of Web3 are still not well understood. Things like copyright and intellectual property are still being studied, and here’s where you come in. 
    • Algorithmic Thinking: Problem-solving, clear thinking, and attention to detail are essential to the development of Web3.

    Web3 Opening New Opportunities

    With every new field or sector, job opportunities will flood and open new doors to a lot of passionate individuals. Web3 is still on the rise, going through many developmental changes. This is your chance to be one of the architects that are engineering a whole new iteration of the internet and making history. So if you are eager to be part of this phenomenon, make sure to get the right skills and know-how of Web3, and you will be good to embark on the blockchain journey.


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