Web3 Trends Predictions 2023!

    Web3, the third iteration of the world wide web, is shifting people’s focus away from traditional centralized platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and many others towards a more liberating, freeing, and engaging environment in the decentralized metaverse. If you want all the nitty-gritty details, you can head over to our Web3 introduction. But for now, we will go over all our Web3 trends predictions for 2023!

    Although “trends” come and go, we guarantee that the following are here to stay! Ultimately, Web3 trends will set the defining characteristics of what’s to come in the industry months and years from now. For real, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to overlook the utility and value Web3 offers. So, let’s dive into the good stuff! 

    Top Web3 Trends in 2023

    1) Make Web3 Green and Sustainable

    Environmentalists and activists are tirelessly trying to breed green Web3 initiatives to try and counter-act all the negative environmental impacts of NFTs and mining. Several Web3 projects are already in the works to redefine how humans interact with natural resources and the larger environment.

    For example, you can check all the eco-friendly NFTs out there! Moreover, some brands are also trying to promote green causes through their releases like the Katla NFT!

    Imagine finding a feasible common ground, a reconciliation of some sort, between technology and the environment. Eventually, this will highlight awareness of the vital need for sustainability. 

    However, no doubt that a community-driven approach is urgently required to achieve that higher goal. We need to come together and come up with progressive climate solutions leveraging all the global knowledge we can muster. This universal calamity will surely be among the top Web3 trends in 2022.

    2) Laws And Regulations in the Web3 Space

    This is a very controversial topic. Are laws and regulations considered digital democracy, or are they simply ways for Giants to pull the strings under the table?

    The cryptocurrency market and the whole Web3 environment have been free and unregulated ever since they became a thing. However, recent whispers in the digital realm are discussing whether implementing regulatory laws to the web3 space would be beneficial or a double-edged sword.  Web3 trends are all about controversy, and this one takes the cake.

    Basically, some people argue that the Web3 era is a breeding ground for scammers and greedy opportunists to take advantage of the gullible general public in an already complex atmosphere. And this might be true considering all the scam stories floating around! 

    However, others pose the question of who benefits most from regulations. And all remain unanswered. But we are still in the very preliminary stages of the Crypto/Web3 so-called regulation, but you can be certain that you’ll hear more about this sticky topic in the upcoming year. 

    3) Are Decentralized Social Networks Good or Bad?

    We are shifting away from Silicon Valley giants and into an unfettered environment. In brief, decentralized technology will be a major player in how social media operates. Let’s talk about this Web3 trend.

    Web3 pioneers predict that decentralized social media platforms will take over! Say goodbye to censorship… Imagine platforms that combine artificial intelligence and innovative interactive 3D technology. This variety of complex tools will revolutionize the way data links communities together! It’s safe to say that the new social media generation will include an array of virtual identities, interactions, and much more. Facebook and Instagram will stand no chance… 

    The final say over what can and can’t be said is up to you! Web3 users will ultimately have the ability to say whatever they want. We don’t know yet whether this is a good thing or not. But we’ll find out together in the upcoming year!

    4) “X To Earn” Movement is one of the Web3 Trends

    It’s not breakthrough news that you can make a living off of the internet. It’s been done for ages… The earliest iterations were old survey apps where users would fill out some info in exchange for a sum of money. That was a small step to what will turn out to be some people’s primary occupation.

    People, lazy in nature, were infatuated with the concept of earning for doing something relatively simple and usually from the comfort zone of their own homes. 

    Nowadays, thanks to the digital era, we reached the evolution phase of the “X to Earn” movement. In detail, consumers are now rewarded for doing simple mundane things that they would do regardless of getting paid. I agree that this sounds too good to be true. Let me explain this web3 trend… 

    Numerous companies are adopting the X-to-earn initiative. For example, here are 6 different models you can easily implement in your daily life to extra cash:

    • Play To Earn

    Play-to-earn games reward users based on performance in blockchain-based games. Go ahead and check out the top 2022 Play-to-earn games here

    • Move To Earn

    Move-to-earn games reward users when they physically move. Burn calories and earn cash, a killer combo! That’s why this is among the web3 trends! In a nutshell, this is done through a GPS that is connected to the app or game. Some good examples are the following: STEPN, MetaGym, and Genopets.

    • Watch To Earn

    Users earn rewards for watching videos and other forms of digital content. Can you imagine earning money from watching YouTube videos? An absolute dream come true!

    • Browse To Earn

    It is done through a browser extension or a whole browser that rewards users for their browsing data. Later, they exchange their browsing history (mostly anonymously) in return for some form of reward. Easy money. The following is a list of browsers and extensions that you can install to get paid for your daily browsing activities: Brave Browser, and Swash app

    • Create To Earn

    This method of earning allows users to create and monetize content. Of course, this content is copyrighted! For example, you can go ahead and create NFTs with royalties for passive income! 

    • Learn To Earn

    You need to be a fan of crypto to adopt this method. Why? Because this model is highly dependent on it. Almost all of the companies that offer this reward variation expect users to immerse themselves in the Cryptocurrency industry. The more you learn the ins and outs of the crypto world, the more you earn. Simple.


    No doubt, the new Web3 is giving power back to the people. Since no one can access your personal information or go over your sensitive data, it’s an altogether liberating experience. And we can surely expect new Web3 trends to resurface as time passes by!

    Huge companies like Pepsi and Renault, and luxury designers such as Rolex and Prada are all going digital! Simply put, the blockchain’s smart contracts are optimizing business ventures nationwide. And we are currently only at the tip of the iceberg!

    Now that you’re all caught up on all you need to expect in the New Year, how about you go over all the essential skills you’ll need to navigate the Web3 environment with ease? As always, stay tuned for all news and updates! 


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