What Are NFT Purchase Bots?

    If you are new to the NFT universe you might not know about the different ways you can purchase the collection and even use computer programs or bots to get the best price. The NFT popularity is on the rise and many developers seized the opportunity to create bots that will scan the market and find the best time to bid on NFTs.

    So, if you want to know more about the NFT purchase bots, keep on reading and stay tuned until the end for all the tips and tricks on getting the best tokens in your collections.
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    What Are NFT Sniper Bots?

    NFT purchase or sniper bots are computer programs that are created to get the best prices and bid in auctions in a time frame no human can compete with. Bots are not new on the market and they have been used for years to find and purchase limited-edition goods at minimal prices.

    With the rise of the non-fungible tokens, many investors decided to turn to bots and their amazing features to get the best deals and purchase undervalued tokens.

    Considering the NFT world is still in development the bots used are constantly being perfected and new ones are coming up all the time. Some crypto and NFT enthusiasts create their own minting and sniping bots, but there are some platforms that develop complete programs you can use.

    Keep in mind that some people still love to explore the NFT projects on their own and check the rarity of each NFT with specialized tools to ensure the best price-quality value.

    How Do NFT Purchase Bots Work?

    There are many NFT purchase bots online to choose from, and most of them are easy to set up and use. Keep in mind that some bots require a monthly subscription while others have a one-time fee included.

    Bots are designed to find the best NFTs and bid on them in the last seconds of the auction. Some are created to lower the prices of the collectibles while others serve to hype up the projects.

    Most of the time you can benefit from sniper bots that will automatically purchase the NFTs for you. Once you re-sell the purchased NFT on the secondary market you can have a substantial profit.
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    While NFT bots feature complex code and algorithms, the end-users usually don’t have any problems with the setup, and the popular bot platforms make the entire experience fast and easy.

    The Best NFT Sniper Bots on the Market

    Now that we are familiar with of NFT purchase bots let’s learn what are the best ones on the market.

    Just like any other program and app you can download or purchase the bots come in various shapes and sizes. Many bots can help you purchase and flip your NFT assets, even if you are a complete newbie but the seasoned NFT traders also use them.

    Here are some of the best NFT purchase bots:

    Revival AIO

    Revival AIO is one of the most popular minting bots, and with the massive Twitter following, it’s not surprising why they are one of the best options for Solana blockchain. However, access to this NFT automation tool is exclusive and the team occasionally announces the trial for a few lucky winners on Twitter.

    Keep in mind that this bot and the entire project are constantly being developed, and you should join their Discord channel or follow their Twitter account for more information and updates.
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    Trait Sniper

    Trait Sniper is one of the best trading bots and platforms online, with an amazing Discord channel with multiple users who post daily updates and tips. The Trait Sniper finds underpriced NFTs on the markets such as OpenSea and tracks the rarity of the collection for more information on the end price.

    The Chrome extension makes it easy to follow the current floor price and the item’s rank to make the best purchases.

    Disk AIO

    Disk AIO creators claim that this is the best tool for farming whitelists and winning giveaways, and thousands of users agree.

    The Disk AIO bot has a lot of features such as:

    • Server joiner/leaver
    • Giveaway joiner
    • Giveaway checker
    • AI chatbot
    • Token manager

    Keep in mind that the Disk AIO bot requires you to pay with ETH initially. Plus a monthly subscription to use the bot. The licenses are available as NFTs on OpenSea. But only a few users will have the opportunity to use them as they’re limited in number.

    Fuse Solana

    If you are looking for a bot specifically for the Solana blockchain the Fuse Solana sniping bot might be the best option for you. This project by Fuse Robotics claims that they are the only bot you need to manage your NFT and wallets.

    With the Fuse Solana users can:

    • Create and top up burner wallets
    • Get a notification on Discord when a new Candy Machine appears on Solana
    • NFT sniper for MagicEden
    • Bulk invite joiner for getting whitelisted

    People who want to buy and use the Fuse Solana bot need to fill out the form on their Twitter and pay the initial price along with a monthly subscription.
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    Block Friend AIO

    Block Friend AIO is one of the most developed bots on the market that both ETH and SOL users can utilize. Considering this bot works on OpenSea, you can set a price to snipe or send offers to the platform.

    The bot is so popular you can’t buy it on the official website. But there are always third-party copies available on MagicEden.

    Final Thoughts

    Using bots for your NFT purchases and management is one of the best ways to stay up to date. They also allow you access to the rarest collectibles. While some still question their lawfulness, NFT bots are ok to use. Just like sneaker bots, it’s a matter of personal preference. Up to this day at least.

    Keep in mind that smart investments in NFTs are the ones with a lot of research and background checks. So, before you make any purchases it’s always a good idea to run a quick rarity check and ensure you are buying only valuable tokens.


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