A Simple Guide To NFT Roadmaps

    An NFT project thrives on its investors. And the first thing investors look at when searching for NFT projects is the roadmap. NFT roadmaps have many phases and take some time to create along with being constantly updated with new projects. NFT roadmaps are essential for an NFT project to set a pace for future events and goals they will achieve. The first thing an investor should look up in a collection is the NFT Roadmap and utilities offered by said collection. Let’s dig in. 

    NFT Roadmap  

    An NFT roadmap is a plan or timeline that shows the main milestones, goals, and initiatives that resonate with a certain NFT collection or project. It shows a structural overview of the activities that the NFT project or platform is willing to undertake. In order to claim its objectives in the NFT space. The roadmap serves as a guide for the project creators and investors, showing a clear vision and direction for the development and growth of the NFT ecosystem. Moreover, a roadmap usually includes many phases:

    • Research and Development
    • Concept and Design
    • Platform Development
    • Token Creation and Minting
    • Marketplace Integration
    • Community Engagement
    • Ongoing Improvements
    • Expansion and Scaling

    Roadmap Pros And Cons

    Like everything in the NFT space, there is always a positive side and a negative side to it. And even though an NFT roadmap is important it also cannot escape the grasp of the pros and cons. Here are the pros and cons of the NFT roadmap


    • Clear Direction: An NFT roadmap supplies a clear strategy and direction for the development of the NFTs. It also adjusts the team’s efforts and makes sure everyone is working on achieving the same goals.
    • Ensures Good Communication: When sharing a roadmap with investors and the NFT community it facilitates a sense of transparency and aids in communication. It helps manage expectations and keeps everyone informed about the progress and upcoming milestones.
    • Strategic Planning: An NFT roadmap allows strategic planning and prioritization of tasks to take place. It also helps locate resources easily and identify risks by anticipating potential challenges. 
    • Goal Tracking: A roadmap helps with keeping track of the goals and achievements the NFT project is undergoing. Thus, providing more motivation for investors and the project’s creators. It also provides a framework for evaluating the project’s performance and making adjustments if necessary.
    • Stakeholder Engagement: An NFT roadmap can act as a valuable tool for engaging stakeholders, such as investors, partners, and users. It shows a clear vision and can attract support and participation from those who share the project’s goals.  


    • Flexibility Issues: A highly detailed NFT roadmap may have the risk of becoming too rigid. The NFT world is fast-paced and ever-changing and with limited flexibility, the roadmap won’t have room for changes. This can hinder innovation and responsiveness. 
    • Over-promising: When a creator goes all out on a roadmap they forget a tiny thing. Over-promising. Sure, creating a roadmap is all fun and games but when you have to start implementing the ideas IRL it becomes hard. Therefore, a creator must be sure that they can achieve the promised goals, or else the investors will lose hope in the project.
    •  Never Prepared: One thing that everybody agrees on is the instability of the NFT world. And with that comes consequences related to the NFT roadmap, as a creator can never be prepared for future incidents. This narrow focus can lead to missed opportunities or weak preparation for future challenges. 
    • Competitor Awareness: There is always a risk of making your NFT roadmap public and available for everyone to see. With the roadmap being public competitors will have direct access to your strategy and this will most probably affect the competitive landscape. 
    • Takes Time: Of course, creating a detailed roadmap will take time and this will delay the release of your NFT project. Moreover, one cannot divert from unforeseen challenges or technical difficulties they might face during this process or even later. This might frustrate investors which is never good. 

    Tips For The Best NFT Roadmap

     Creating an NFT roadmap requires some time and research. But will prove to be fruitful once the investors get a hold of the future goals the NFT project is looking forward to claiming. Here are the steps to creating an NFT roadmap:

    • Defining the Goal:  the first step is to start by identifying the goals that you want to achieve in the NFT project. You must determine what to accomplish and clearly choose your objectives to be able to guide the roadmap creation process. 
    •  Market Research: You must research the NFT market to be able to understand the current trends and user preferences along with the potential opportunities. You can analyze previous successful NFT projects and see what can work for you and what doesn’t. The research will help identify the unique selling points. 
    • Find Target Audience: The NFT platform is vast therefore you must find your target audience and divert all of the marketing towards them. Consider artists, collectors, investors, or specific niche communities that align with your project’s focus. Understanding your target audience will help you shape the roadmap and tailor features and functionalities to their needs.
    •  The phases: Divide your roadmap into logical phases or stages that show the key steps needed to achieve your goals. Common phases may include research and development, token creation, marketplace integration, and community engagement. Determine the order and dependencies of these phases.
    • Milestones and Timeline: for each phase, you must set a milestone that will mark valuable achievements.  These milestones should be measurable and time-bound. Define realistic timelines for each milestone, taking into account the complexity of the tasks and available resources.
    • Communicate and Gather Feedback: Share your roadmap with stakeholders, team members, and potential users. Seek their input and feedback to ensure you’ve captured different perspectives and considerations. This collaboration can help refine the roadmap and align expectations.

    Examples Of Successful Roadmaps

    There are great NFT projects that thrived with their NFT roadmaps. These NFT projects shaped the community and other NFT projects looking forward to being able to beat these names. And some of these roadmaps are:

    bayc roadmap


    sappy seal roadmap


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