What Is Metakey NFT and How Does It Work?

    While NFTs are taking over the crypto society Metaverses are popping up everywhere and gaining popularity. But, what if there was a way to combine them both with one special “key”. This was the initial plan behind the famous Metakey NFT and the creative owner known as Matty online.

    But, what exactly is the Metakey NFT and what’s the purpose of these exclusive collectibles?

    If you are wondering the same thing, we have all the information about Metakey in one place, and some additional tips and tricks that will help you discover the best NFT projects.

    As always it’s important to do your own research before any investment and ensure you are using the high-quality rarity tools to check the potential NFTs you are looking into.

    What Is Metakey?

    Metakey is an NFT or ERC1155 token that owners can use to interact on other platforms, unlock avatars, wearables, discounts and so much more.

    While Metakey is an NFT collectible and can double as rare digital art, it’s also your access card to get into games, platforms, and websites.

    Metakey is often described as the ultimate key you need to unlock metaverses and all the extra perks on the platforms they teamed up with, such as SandboxDecentraland, CyberKongz, and others.
    meta verse key

    In addition, the team behind this amazing NFT project is always coming up with new and creative ways to reward the owners of the Metakey NFTs, and there are promises about a native gaming platform in the near future.

    How Does Metakey Work?

    Metakey NFTs are available in several collections and more Editions will be dropped in the future. Once you purchase your Metakey NFT from reliable sources such as OpenSea you can instantly unlock all the integrations and perks with partnered Metaverses.

    In addition to access to Metaverses owners of the Metakey NFT are often part of airdrops, special discounts, giveaways, physical merchandise and so much more.

    The project is based on a strong society and the creator Matty loves to reward loyal supporters with amazing perks only the Metakey NFT carries.

    What Can You Do With Your Metakey?

    Metakey is the universal key card that will open many doors and opportunities in the crypto world. This project is becoming one of the most popular investments on the market and so many people are looking forward to new Editions for a reason.

    Metakey allows owners to:

    Access Virtual Events

    Great virtual events on platforms like Decentraland, Somnium Space, and Sandbox are all open for Metakey owners;

    Join Metakademy 

    This is an exclusive course for all NFT enthusiasts who are ready to learn more and make the best investment choices in the future.

    Game Integrations Access

    Private spaces are popping up on almost all Web3 gaming platforms. And Metakey owners have the exclusive rights to join and participate.

    Wearable Airdrops 

    Digital goods and wearables in Metaverses are gaining popularity and Metakey owners often have fantastic airdrops in their wallets simply because they own and hold the Metakey.

    Metakrew Access 

    The new and exciting avatar project “Metakrew” is currently in development and will integrate with virtual worlds like Decentraland.


    Metakey owners have great discounts in real-world shops and considering the number of partnerships is growing so will the number of available discounts.

    Brand Activation

    The NFT space is becoming extremely popular and populated. That’s why many brands are coming into this virtual universe. And Metakey is there to push great projects, arrange airdrops, meet-ups and so much more.

    Metakey NFT Editions

    Metakey NFT collections are coming out in editions. And even though the first four editions are all sold out there is certainly more to come. The first three editions are considered “Collector’s Series” and they allow users who have all 3 to claim every future Key Edition for free.

    All keys from this NFT project will allow owners to access all the partnerships, but the initial editions have extra perks and gifts for owners.

    Here are the four Metakey Editions so far:

    The Genesis

    The first collection was created by the famous artist Alan Bolton and released on May 5th, 2021. This incredible and artistic collection was the beginning of the Metakey project. And as usual early supporters get additional perks for their loyalty.

    The Artifact

    The Second Edition of the Metakey NFT was called the Artifact and it was designed by the popular RTFKT Studios. This special NFT collection offered early access to RTFKT’s best products.

    The Ultimate

    The Third Edition of Metakey NFTs represented the formal entrance into the Metaverse. And the amazing creator Marc-O-Matic made this collection of artistic keys to all the virtual universes on Web 3.

    The Captain

    With the expansion of the community and the appearance of Avatars in virtual realities, the new collection is a creation of Jair Marino.

    How to Buy Metakey NFTs?

    All the collections or Editions of Metakey NFTs are sold out on the native platform, but you can always find the tokens on secondhand marketplaces such as OpenSea and Rarible.

    The collections are selling at high prices. So many people are waiting for the Fifth Edition to get their hands on the new collection. There are exactly 10k collectibles right now, but the team promises new NFTs in the near future.
    open sea buy metakey

    If you want to purchase any Metakey NFT from OpenSea you can connect your MetaMask wallet and bid on your favorite NFT in just a couple of clicks.

    The Future of Metakey NFT?

    A lot of crypto enthusiasts and veterans claim that Metakey might be the best NFT collection and investment at this point. The project is versatile and very promising, and the team is just getting started.

    Metakey announced a Metaverse gaming and social hub called New Ganymede. This amazing project promises an unforgettable experience, rewards, and direct travel to other virtual worlds of Metakey partners.

    The Metakey NFT also has an upcoming Fifth Edition coming up, so it’s a good idea to keep up with their social channels and come back here for any updates that can help you get the next key at reasonable prices.


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