NFT Sniping Bots Explained 101!

    In the diverse and ever-expanding NFT universe, new inventions and software are constantly being developed. We now have amazing Web3, metaverse, and even better NFT projects to support them all.

    And, even though the sniper bots are not new, they are now widely used in the NFT community for minting and purchasing purposes. But, what is the NFT sniper bot, and is this the best way to flip NFTs and increase your income?

    If you are wondering the same thing, don’t worry, we have all the information you need to make the best decision and invest only in rare and lucrative NFTs. So, without further ado, let’s see what the amazing bot world has in store for us.


    What Is NFT Sniping Bot?

    You’ve heard this term a lot in the NFT space, but you are lost between NFT sniper bots and Minting bots, we are going to talk about sniping bots in this article. 

    Sniping bots works only on NFTS that are already minted and it has an owner who is listing his NFT for sale, so what’s the big deal of it?

    In summary, if you didn’t have a chance to mint the collection you believe that it has a lot of future and potential to make a good amount of traffic due to high demand or you missed the mint day for some reason, here’s where sniping bots take place. 

    nft sniping bot marketplace

    How Do Sniper Bots Work?

    Now imagine you want to purchase an NFT that you’ve missed, and there are some NFT users who listed some of the collections you want on Open-sea.

    There are two types of NFT listed on Open-sea “Buy Now” & “Bid”, Some users they specified a price you can buy immediately without bidding, and some have the bidding feature all users put bids until the owner accepts any offer, now the bot works on both cases here are the steps on how sniping bots are setup:
    open sea sniping collection

    1. Link the bot with the NFT collection you want it to monitor 24/7 on Open-sea
    2. What is your price range you are willing to “BUY NOW” or “Maximum Bid” you are willing to pay
    3. If you want specific traits you can setup the bot with the traits you want to buy.
    4. There are a lot of options but we won’t make it complex for you these are the most important 3 things you should understand for example: “tracking multiple collections at the same time and Supporting many wallets”.

    Now after you setup the bot, you run it and it will keep working and monitoring marketplaces until it snipes aka buy your NFT with your specific criteria.

    Sniping bots works on multiple marketplaces depend on what bot you want to purchase each, make sure to read supported market places before you purchase.

    Even though the NFT sniper bots are very challenging to make, the users have to go through a short set up and it’s doing most of the work for you.

    The high-quality bots are usually very user-friendly so you don’t need any previous coding knowledge, but rather a bit of practice.

    NFT Sniping Bot Benefits

    NFT sniper bots are becoming very popular and used by almost all NFT community members, even though the intention behind them is sometimes questionable. If you use them for the right cause and play fair it’s safe to say they will be your new best friend on the competitive market.

    The NFT sniping bots have many benefits such as:

    Saving your time

    NFT bots are often used in auctions on the OpenSea marketplace, and they are created to track the auction activities and bid at the last moment. This way there is no chance that anyone can work faster and get the auctioned NFT and on the other hand you can “set and forget” the NFT bot and spend your time doing what you love.

    Acquiring NFTs at low prices

    One of the best things about NFT sniping bots is the ability to completely automatically lower the asking price with fake bids and acquire the NFTs at the lowest price point imaginable. This is a great way to get some high-value and rare NFTs at a low price and re-sell them for a significant profit.

    You will also know when some rare NFTs with a lower price appear on the market and you can automatically set a budget for the purchase.


    The Best NFT Sniper Bots

    Once you are familiar with the terminology and the benefits that NFT sniper bots can bring you, you might wonder what are the best NFT sniper bots on the market. We have a list of the ultimate NFT bots for minting and sniping, but keep in mind that some of them require a monthly subscription while others have a one-time price.

    Here are the top NFT bots, we are not affiliated with any of these bots, we wrote this article to provide value only. Goodluck


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