What Is NFT Whitelist: Simple Guide

    You see this phrase used here and there, kinda on every new NFT collection drop. Do you wonder what is an NFT whitelist and why should you be part of it? You are in the right place. Chainwitcher will take you step-by-step and by the end, you will master the concept of Whitelists in the NFT world.

    What is NFT whitelist in detail?

    When Profile Pictures (PFP) NFTs, in particular, first gained popularity in early 2021, there was a crazy rush of people attempting to mint NFTs during project launches. As soon as a project opened its contract for minting, people tried to mint their NFTs due to the rush. People also raise their maximum gas price to purchase their NFTs before they sold out (the more gas you are willing to pay, the faster your transaction will get confirmed).
    The end outcome was a “gas war,” or extremely high transaction costs for minting. These gas battles were genuinely epic—and they still have the potential to be so—with transaction costs alone often costing several thousand dollars.

    However, as 2021 came to a close and people saw how miserable the gas war situation was, an increasing number of projects began to launch their NFTs using a “Whitelisting” strategy.

    What are NFT Whitelists?

    Whitelisting enables NFT projects to give their communities the chance to mint an NFT sale before it is made available for general sale or minting.
    An NFT Whitelist is a list of individuals who are given priority access to mint NFTs at a specific time and date. Buyers on such a list can avoid paying excessive secondary prices and significant transaction costs for well-known NFTs.

    NFTs “drop” or launch on a particular, set day. You will have a limited time to purchase a newly created token before it becomes available to outside buyers if you have been whitelisted for that NFT.

    Your cryptocurrency wallet will be listed on the NFT whitelist while you wait for your time window. By guaranteeing early access to true supporters and preventing the competition and gas wars that are frequently associated with successful NFT ventures, this technique makes NFT launches more democratic.

    NFT Whitelisting Pros

    • The main advantage of being added to a whitelist is that it gives you access to a specific NFT.
    • Thanks to whitelists, you don’t have to take part in a gas battle. Also, you won’t have to pay more for speedier transactions because you have a free time slot to complete your purchase.
    • You will get much more involved in the larger NFT community while trying to get your name added to whitelists for NFT.
    • You’ll gain much knowledge about fundamental systems and develop into a more knowledgeable investor.
    • Offering free tokens or discounted rates to the people on their whitelist is a common strategy used by NFT developers. These developpers wish to generate a lot of initial momentum for their products.
    • The developers provide several hundred whitelist spaces to promote their products.
      Through royalties they receive from the resale and the free promotions that whitelisting entitles, the NFT producers will almost always make up whatever loss they incur by providing free or heavily cheap whitelists. Only those on an NFT whitelist are eligible for such reduced minting prices.

    NFT Whitelisting Cons

    • Whitelist creation takes a lot of time. It takes hours of internet interaction to ensure that your address is included on a popular list.
    • You must promote the token openly on social media and hold discussions with other supporters on the project’s Discord server about important problems. You might not be added to the whitelist even after your efforts.
    • Scammers occasionally prey on potential investors who desire to be included in a whitelist. Scammers may message you directly or entice you to click on random links.
      There is no assurance that a project will succeed.
    • You might be able to get early access to an NFT that eventually doesn’t catch on.

    How do you get Whitelisted?

    To be included on a whitelist for an NFT project, follow these three general steps:

    ⦁ Finding a project before they debut is the first step. It would help if you first located pre-launch projects to be whitelisted for them. This may refer to a brand-new or current project that is introducing a new collection.

    Second Step: Sign up for the project’s Discord server. After choosing a project, you’ll almost probably need to join their Discord group. Discord is the primary means of communication in the NFT community. Although the layout of each Discord can vary, the “announcements” sections are typically where you can discover information on how to get whitelisted. If not, spend some time looking around the group to see what you can find out. You can try contacting other group members if you cannot locate anything. There is typically a “general” area where participants discuss the project or NFTs.

    Third Step: Comply with the directions to become whitelisted. Several procedures can be used to become whitelisted. You might be required to complete a brief Google form, invite people to Discord to secure your status on the whitelist, or participate in a lottery that randomly selects addresses. The idea is that every project is different and will have different requirements for being whitelisted. Only follow your comfort level; there are plenty of other projects available.

    How to Increase Your Chances of Getting on an NFT Whitelist

    You’ll need to show your support for the organization by taking the following actions to improve your chances of being added to the list and receiving early access to the tokens:

    Remain Actively Involved

    A dynamic online community is intended to be created through many NTF programs. Use the Discord server to converse with other people. Send out a tweet highlighting the most recent events. In-depth inquiries that show your sincere interest in the project should be made. These acts will be observed, and the project’s founders will value your time investing in it.

    Garner Support

    Every NFT creator hopes to increase the number of investors and customers who support their venture. Spend some time spreading the word about the token on other Discord servers. Even though it could take some getting used to, this direct marketing style will greatly increase your favorability among the key players in the ecosystem surrounding the NFT.

    Take Part in Giveaways

    Many projects use giveaways for advertising themselves on social media, offering spots on their whitelists for unpaid support. By taking part in as many freebies as possible, you can raise your chances even if you don’t get added to the whitelists.

    Be amongst the early joiners

    When an NFT project is just starting, the founders are eager to generate some buzz and attention for the tokens. They are, therefore, more inclined to grant simple access to the NFT whitelist.
    Demand for whitelist spaces rises as the initiative gains traction, making it more challenging to get a spot. Consequently, it is in your best interest as an investor to identify intriguing ideas at the earliest possible time.

    Use Fan Art

    Making fan art is the best way to demonstrate your passion for a project. You demonstrate how much time and effort you will put into the project when you create your designs based on the token’s concept. Through your efforts, you contribute to promoting the token as well.

    To Sum Up

    NFT whitelists are crucial tools but do not guarantee ideal investing conditions. There can never be a circumstance for investing that is perfect. Investing your money in a project will always take some risk. Whitelists, however, have a limited number of limitations and provide several advantages. Countless investors have effectively employed them to mint NFTs.


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