What is Street Art NFT All About?

    Street art has evolved so much in the past decades. Today, its rebellious creators found a new home for the memorable pieces – on the blockchain. But, how can a mural be created as a digital asset and why is that so popular right now?

    We’ll discover the meaning of street art NFTs. These little non-fungible tokens have a way of captivating us with a new art form. It was just a matter of time before the NFT universe expanded to many other art forms and street art is often the most neglected and forgotten creative expression of all.

    But, with the help of Web 3, new technology, blockchain, and non-fungible tokens we can now save every valuable piece of street art in digital form. If you want to know more about street art NFTs keep on reading.

    What Is a Street Art NFT?

    Street art NFTs are digital assets or tokens created from real-world art pieces on streets.

    Over the years the street art niche developed from almost illegal and obscure to a transformational and engaging way for artists to convey their message. Even though artists take weeks to create murals and graffiti, anyone can erase them in a few minutes. Also, the weather does not really help much. It erodes those time-consuming artworks in just seconds.

    But, what if there is a way to transform these unique and fragile art pieces into a more permanent form?

    With the help of non-fungible tokens, smart contracts, and blockchain you can now create, mint, sell and own street art as NFT collections. The NFTs are digital assets and as such last indefinitely, so pairing them with ephemeral street art might be the best combination to preserve them forever.

    Experts also agree that street artists are naturally rebellious and have a lot in common with crypto enthusiasts who want to change the way we look at art, money, and assets. It’s not surprising that a lot of famous street artists such as Tristan Eaton and lushsux are joining the movement and making their own NFTs sold on marketplaces.

    The creation of NFTs is rather simple, and many street artists find it life-changing because of its increased income and broader audience. With the development of metaverses, it’s just a matter of time before we see popular street artists making their mark on virtual reality walls.


    Why Are Street Art NFTs Important?

    NFTs changed the way we look at art and digital assets. They forever store the information and have the exact history of owners documented so it’s safe to say this might be the ultimate way to have unique and original pieces.

    But, as the NFT universe expands new and upcoming artists are finding ways to combine their creative energy and blockchain. Thus, street art is now created as NFTs and sold for a profit. 

    There are many benefits to this collaboration, so let’s name a few:

    Extending the life of street art

    Street art is one of the most liberated and true art form expressions that is entirely public and vulnerable. Seen by many as vandalism the art is often destroyed, painted over, or simply eroded by weather conditions.

    But, with digital assets and NFTs, this could change forever.

    Now you just scan street art,enhance it, and transform it into NFTs on the blockchain in just a couple of clicks. Once stored and minted the art is lasting and preserved for a long time even if the real-life piece on the streets gets destroyed.

    Generating income

    The street art community might be united and very creative. However, they often lack the funds as this form of art is rarely recognized and lucrative. But, with the NFTs and blockchain technology, street artists can monetize their creations, make tokens and sell them as art pieces.

    This is one of the best ways to promote and boost the marginal street artists, and also motivate truly passionate creators that lack the funds to sustain their art.

    Reaching more people

    The blockchain and crypto community are much bigger than local supporters and street artists might have. This means that every street artist who decides to digitalize their work will reach people all over the world, expand their influence and create more potential collaborations and earning opportunities.


    Considering the metaverses and virtual realities such as Decentraland are now very popular it’s just a matter of time before street artists get their chance to decorate the virtual walls and streets.

    Increasing the influence of NFTs

    NFTs are still relatively new and need support from different artists and investors all over the world. As the influence of NFTs becomes mainstream, more common people join the blockchain. Consequently, the stronger and more widely used the NFTs will become.


    On the other hand, this should push more development and lower the problematic gas fees. Overall, bring the NFTs to a new level.


    So, street art as NFT is not only beneficial for the artists and creators but for the whole NFT community.


    The Best Platforms for Street Art NFTs

    New NFT platforms and marketplaces are created daily and even though OpenSea is the most popular marketplace to find amazing NFTs, there are a couple of specialized platforms just for street art NFTs.



    Streeth is the first and for many the most successful street NFT platform that supports artists and crypto enthusiasts all over the world. The world of NFTs and the minting process can be terrifying for street artists. This unique platform offers amazing solutions and instructions to help all users.

    They specialize in street art and promote the best artists. This might be the best platform for you. Especially if you are looking for a way to monetize your art. Also, if you simply want to own a piece by your favorite street artists.


    Another amazing platform that focuses on street art and artists is the StreetLab.

    This unique place is packed with high-quality and curated street art from all over the world. It’s also one of the best places to visit to know more about the blockchain and street art merge.

    Street Lab also has governance tokens called Free Muertos Tribute created by the famous street artist Yescka. The governance tokens allow the community to vote and manage the decentralized platform.

    NFT Mural Collective


    NFT Mural Collective was created by artists for street artists and their amazing but fragile public art collections. Their goal is to introduce many artists to the world of NFTs. Also, help them accommodate new and upcoming trends in blockchain technology.

    They have a very active and supportive community on all social networks. Definitely a perfect choice for newbies and people who appreciate street art.

    Are Street NFTs a Good Investment?

    In the volatile and ever-changing world of NFTs, there is no such thing as a secure investment. You must check and double-check every NFT project that catches your eye! It is always best to make sure that every NFT has value and rarity to generate profit.


    This is one of the reasons why you need to rely on reliable rarity tools and follow the projects on every social media before you make any investments. With enough information, you can create better collections that will have better income chances. 



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