Finding The Best AI For Writing: A Never-Ending Journey 

    One of the most popular uses of AI on the internet is AI for writing. We can all agree that sometimes writing can be difficult to do, and one requires a little bit of help. Many AI generators in the market are available for writing or acting as a writing tool. ‘Note to the reader this article was not written by an AI. Thank you.  Let’s dig in. 

    Best AI For Writing

    There are multiple AI services available for the convenience of users around the world. These AIs are made to benefit people in many different ways, and there have been many recorded AI use cases across different fields. Here is a list of the best AIs for writing available in the market: is a new AI for writing on the scene. It’s built on ChatGPT-4 API access like many writing AIs. Its connection to ChatGPT-4 helps it produce a good blog and copywriting drafts with the correct prompts and inputs.     

    This product acts as both an AI content generator and an AI writing assistant. It provides premium content quickly and offers multiple templates for writing articles, social copy, emails, and more. This AI generator can be used for email marketing, creating blog content, creating social media content, and translations. 


    • Free, 2000 words, 1 user, unlimited projects
    • Pro: $49/month, 5 users, unlimited words
    • Enterprise: request a demo, unlimited words, unlimited users 


    rytr ai for writing

    Rytr is an AI writing tool based on OpenAI’s GPT-3 API. It was created for content generators and writers, SEO specialists, and copywriters. With its close connection to ChatGPT, one might ask why would i use this AI for writing instead of just going for ChatGPT.

    Well, Rytr has proved to be more advantageous with its prompts and templates built in for over 40 use cases. Some of these use cases include coming up with a blog idea and outline, brand name, business ideas, cover letter, help with SEO, and more. 


    • Free, 10k characters/month
    • Saver: $9/month, 100k characters/month
    • Unlimited: $29/month, unlimited characters/month



    One of the most controversial AI tools online, Sudowrite has been called “an insult to writers everywhere.” This AI is for writing fiction. Controversial? Exactly! The uproar that AIs are causing nowadays is all valid because imagine waking up one day and finding yourself jobless because of an AI. Rest assured, Sudowrite will not be taking over your job, yet, it’s a fun and functional helping tool for fiction writers. 

    It has a story engine feature, which allows users to generate a full work of fiction over the course of a few days by generating each story part. You will have to do the combining yourself, but it still can help with ideas and small writer’s block parts.  


    • Hobby/Student: $19/month, 30k words/month 
    • Pro: $29/month, 90k words/month
    • Max: $129/month, 300k words/month 


    writerly ai for writing

    Writerly is the perfect AI productivity software for marketing, customer support, and e-commerce teams. Wrietly also has an AI Chrome extension available which allows the users to take ideas from articles as they browse the web and create content briefs for their writers.


    • Nimbus AI Business Cloud: $69/month, 5 team members, unlimited usage
    • Stratos AI Business Cloud: $129/month, 10 team members
    • Cirrus AI Business Cloud: $219/month, 20 team members
    • Enterprise: Contact the Writerly team for a price, unlimited team members 



    Frase works on combining SEO research and AI writing. This makes it not just an AI for writing, but an all-in-one AI content generator and optimization tool. SEO and content managers can benefit from this AI tool if they need a comprehensive solution for turning out briefs quickly. 


    • Solo: $14.99/month, 1 user, 4 articles/month
    • Basic: $44.99/month, 1 user, 30 articles/month
    • Team: $114.99/month, 3 users($25/month per extra user), unlimited articles 
    • Pro-add-on: $35/month, add additional features to your plan with this feature


    copymatic ai for writing

    Copymatic is another AI for writing tool that supports content creation with over 20 languages available. It also comes with an AI image generator. This tool is very easy to use and it also helps that it comes with templates, a chat function, a smart editor, and a text-to-speech function. It cannot get easier than this!


    • Pro: $29/month, 1 user 
    • Team: $49/month, 5 users
    • Enterprise: $99/month, 25 users


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