What Is The Sandbox NFT?

    If you’re looking for a way to connect two passions – gaming and blockchain you are in the right place. Today, we’re going deep into the Sandbox metaverse and discovering what makes this NFT project so unique.

    With creative play 2 earn ways players can make, mint, sell and purchase items in the game it’s not a surprise why this platform is becoming one of the best places to explore the NFT world. Millions of users are now joining the fun. Creating an alternative reality token worth actual money in the real world.

    So, if you want to know all the details about the Sandbox NFTs, as well as some additional tips and tricks to help you assess the rarity of each NFT, keep on reading, and let’s jump right in.
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    Sandbox Overview

    Officially the platform states that “The Sandbox metaverse comprises a map made up of 166,464 LANDS.”

    Players can purchase the LAND NFT and create gaming experiences there. But it’s not the only token available in the game considering you can create different virtual realities, objects, and avatars as NFTs.

    Here are the current stats for the LAND NFT on the OpenSea marketplace:

    • Current Floor: 2.05
    • Total Count: 158.6K items
    • Owners: 21.5K
    • Total Volume: 173.6Kshowing a chart

    What Is the Sandbox NFT?

    The Sandbox NFT, which has taken the game industry by storm, depicts a metaverse in which users may develop, own, and trade their NFTs in virtual reality.

    This massive project was developed in 2011 by Pixowl co-founders Arthur Madrid and Sebastien Borget and became a cryptocurrency phenomenon in 2018. Madrid and Borget intended to make the game sector accessible to crypto enthusiasts throughout the world who may not have technical expertise.

    This metaverse and all of the tokens contained inside it are completely created by users, who are free to make characters, and games, and earn money on the platform without the need for technical expertise.

    The platform’s native token is SAND, an ERC-20 token with a total supply of 3 billion, however, you can also own and trade ASSETS and LAND NFTs on the marketplace.

    • ASSETS – NFTs made by users on the platform using the VoxEdit program.
    • LAND – A one-of-a-kind Ethereum blockchain ERC-721 token or digital real estate on the Sandbox platform.
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    How Do You Play NFT Sandbox?

    The Sandbox system is created by hundreds of gamers that control the platform’s content and NFTs. You can design your own universe or metaverse, just like in games like Minecraft. You may be a member of a large and engaged community, but with one important difference: it’s on the blockchain.banner for sandbox

    Here’s all you need to know about getting started on The Sandbox platform:


    VoxEdit is one of the easiest and most efficient software programs for building and animating voxel-based NFTs known as ASSETS. Consider Voxels to be lego-like pieces that may be assembled to form forms, avatars, outfits, and accessories, among other things.

    After creating the required item, you may export it and exchange it as NFT on the Sandbox Marketplace, or you can utilize it on your LAND.

    This is an opportunity to get creative and make your own NFTs that other players can use in the game. With so many options and a non-demanding creation process, it’s probably the easiest way to try your luck with different NFTs.


    The Sandbox Marketplace is a system where players may exchange in-game objects for SAND. The VoxEdit components may then be purchased, added to LANDS, and integrated into one of the games.

    The best way to buy and sell NFTs on the Sandbox Marketplace is to connect your MetaMask wallet and make any transaction in a few clicks.

    NFTs such as the Robot incubator cost more than $33,000.00, however, there are less expensive NFTs you can buy to start developing your metaverse.

    Game Maker

    The fun begins with Game Maker, where users may be creative with the NFTs they have.

    It’s a simple software that anyone with no prior coding experience may use. You must design and organize many pieces, including NFTs made using VoxEditor or acquired from the Marketplace.

    To play the game and use your ASSETS, you must first acquire the LAND NFT, which may be obtained with SAND from public auctions or other users on the Marketplace or even OpenSea.

    While the price on OpenSea is higher, it is still a wise investment because the LAND may be used to monetize your gaming experience. Players may accomplish this in various ways, including allowing other users to visit the LAND on the map, play games, or organize events to earn SAND.
    showing UI for game maker sand box

    Sandbox Metaverse Gaming Experience

    Sandbox is created with the idea that users can play to earn crypto or in this case fantastic conjunction between gaming and NFTs. Everything on the Sandbox platform is  an investment. Including the LAND you build on and all the ASSETS you accumulate.

    Just like Minecraft, players on Sandbox build their own realities on the map.

    There are many big names on the Sandbox map such as Atari, Binance, Pong, and many others. Giving even more value to the gaming experience and earning potential.

    Here is how the Sandbox gaming experience begins:

    1. Purchase the LAND

    Users need to purchase LAND to build gaming experiences, either when new LAND spots become available on the Sandbox platform or through secondary marketplaces such as OpenSea. The LAND NFT sells as ERC 721 token, and players choose between:

    • Regular LAND – 96 x 96 meters/blocks
    • ESTATE – 4 x 4 LANDS
      purchasing land in sand box
    1. Build Games

    Once gamers have the LAND NFT they are able to build games and virtual realities on it using the ASETS NFTs.

    ASSETS are ERC 1155 tokens, and they can be avatars, vehicles, foliage, or anything you might need in the game. Each game is unique and has its own value and NFTs built into it.

    1. Play 2 Earn

    The games built on the LAND with various ASSETS then become an earning opportunity in multiple ways. You can charge other players to visit your game and play, or you can sell your LAND and ASSETS once they have more value and reach a higher price.

    The more you play and build your virtual reality the more value it has on the platform for other players, and on the marketplaces if you decide to sell the NFTs in your game.

    How to Buy the Sandbox NFTs?


    SAND can be purchased as a native token on exchanges like Binance, or it can be earned by participating in games or tournaments on the Sandbox platform. To personalize their avatars and acquire additional ASSETS or LAND, all gamers require SAND.
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    Keep in mind that the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) structure allows token owners to propose changes and vote on them. Furthermore, owners may stake their SAND to receive incentives and participate in the revenue generated by all transactions.

    If you are already a player you can use the native Sandbox Marketplace for all transactions. With millions of creative users, there is virtually every possible item you need to make your gaming experience extraordinary.


    The LAND NFT and ASSETS are sold on the Sandbox Market place, but also on secondary marketplaces such as OpenSea. You can browse through over 3.2 K items on OpenSea and find assets that’ll boost your gaming sea buying and selling assets
    In addition, you can easily create ASSETS and sell them on OpenSea and earn substantial sums that way. The possibilities with play 2 earn platforms such as Sandbox are virtually endless.

    The Future of Sandbox NFT


    The new season called Alpha Season 2 was launched on March 3rd and there are a few improvements for the players and participants. There are over 35 experiences with the free TSB account, and 18 upgraded experiences from Alpha Season 1.

    The game is now available for Mac and PC users. And we’re expecting the new season to bring more entertainment and ways to earn the SAND token.

    Sandbox has collaborated with over 165 businesses, including The Walking Dead, Atari, Snoop Dogg, and CryptoKitties. SoftBank, the mobile powerhouse, is also on their team. And they have promised a mobile version and additional community tokens for 2022.

    The initiative has so far raised $93 million. And the team is working to grow its product portfolio and metaverse even further.

    This customizable gaming platform has always been inventive, which is why they now have a special game-maker fund with 300 million SAND to support and reward initiatives. It’s easy to see why the popularity of the game is growing constantly. And why so many users are joining the server in search of fun and earning opportunities.

    Here are a few more exciting projects you can expect from Sandbox in near future:

    • Season 3 is about to be launched, and users can participate in the survey to earn 10 raffle tickets for the new and improved season;
    • New POC avatars – In addition to being fully playable avatars in The Sandbox, POC Avatars will give holders the ability to display their sexual orientation and pronouns.
    • New partnerships – Sandbox Metaverse is now collaborating with Captain Tsubasa to bring the popular football manga and anime to the metaverse which will attract more players from different niches.

    Final Thoughts

    With so many NFT projects on the market, it can become overwhelming to keep up and look into high-quality NFTs. But, with the right tools by your side and amazing NFT universe insights, you will be one step closer to amazing opportunities such as the Sandbox NFT.

    It’s a chance to get creative and have some fun at the same time. With just a few clicks you can begin your virtual reality, create lands and assets, and trade your NFTs on the marketplace.

    It’s a unique combination of playing 2 earn and crypto that makes this metaverse so interesting.


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