What Is Web3 Storytelling?

    Web3 has many areas where enthusiast can find their interest in. And one of these unique areas is Web3 storytelling. This peculiar feature combines the magic of stories and innovation of Web3. With the aid of the Decentralized web, this concept holds technologies like Blockchain, Decentralized protocols, and Cryptocurrencies while transforming the art of storytelling into a whole new immersive experience. 

    What Is Web3 Storytelling?

    Web3 storytelling is basically using NFTs and the engagement of the NFT community to develop the project’s lore. These types of storytelling NFTs introduced new methods for funding storytelling projects. It means that storytelling just became a whole new experience with the community’s involvement through NFTs. 

    Moreover, the NFT holders will be providing funding for the project along with participating in the direction and narration of the story. 

    The Benefits 

    Although Web3 storytelling may seem like a new concept and one that is not very adopted or heard about in the Blockchain community. It still has many benefits that artists and users alike gain advantages from. It helps Decentralize the storytelling process while empowering creators with greater control over their work and minimizing the influence of centralized third parties. 

    Moreover, it allows for the initiation of collaborative creation. Decentralized platforms permit collaborative storytelling, which gives way for multiple creators to contribute to a single narrative. 

    Another benefit is the censorship resistance Web3 storytelling allows. Stories hosted on Decentralized platforms are resistant to censorship and control by centralized parties. This enables creators to tell challenging stories without fear of suppression. 

    Examples Of Web3 Storytelling

    There are multiple projects that adapted Web3 storytelling and they rely on NFTs along with the stories to ensure the community’s engagement. Some of these projects include:


    One of the first Web3 storytelling projects is Edenhorde. It is an NFT collection by Merit Circle, it hordes 8,800 NFTs. This platform puts emphasis on worldbuilding along with intellectual property development. The way this works is that you can own a stake in Edenhorde if you own an Edenhorde NFT. 

    Armored Kingdom armored kingdom

    The second project in the Web3 storytelling department is Armored Kingdom. It is a multi-platform, global entertainment virtual universe that has a target to transform Web3 trading card games, animation content, films, and digital comics. This platform offers an engaging experience for fans to interact with each other and with creators. Along with combining media franchises with science fiction and fantasy activities. 

    Kumite NFT

    kumite nft web3 storytellingKumite NFT is a We3 storytelling collection by HeroMaker Studios it has 9600 artwork NFTs. The NFTs are custom-illustrated which focus on the use of generative art. Each NFT features random traits at the time of minting. You will be able to find more than 240 unique characteristics in this NFT collection.


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