Who is Gmoney? Major NFT Influencer Revealed!

    This legendary NFT influencer, collector and Crypto enthusiast have been keeping his identity far and away from social media for the longest time. And for many years, he’s been using the pseudonym “Gmoney” and parading behind the face of his iconic orange beanie CryptoPunk. Talk about fashion statements! The million-dollar question remains “Who is Gmoney?”. 

    On January 6, 2021, the Puerto Rico-based NFT investor bought his iconic trademark CryptoPunk for a whopping 140 ETH (or $170,000 at that time), and back then, people were convinced Gmoney was insane for buying a utility-less NFT. But according to him, no one buys a Rolex for its utility… Speaking of the Swiss luxury brand, check out the Rolex NFT here!

    He even went on to say: “with an NFT, by posting it as my avatar on Twitter and Discord, I can quickly ‘flex’ with a picture. Ownership and authenticity can be quickly verified online. It has the same effect as wearing that Rolex in real life, but digitally.” 

    Elite brands do bring status and respect. And Gmoney was spot-on! Today, that same CryptoPunk is incredibly rare, valuable, and highly coveted. It’s worth even more than its initial price tag. 

    Simply put, Gmoney is a pillar of the NFT community. With his vast experience in the field, he provides top-notch insight via his Youtube channel and Twitter account.  He managed to gain the trust and respect of many futurists, leaders, and creative directors in the space. 

    Who is Gmoney: The Reveal


    On November 29, Gmoney shocked us all by uploading his real-life image via a tweet. He nonchalantly captioned the post “Felt cute, might delete later.” However, the long-awaited identity details like his name and life story remain tightly under wraps. 

    “The space needs strong and visible leaders, now more than ever,” said Gmoney upon his reveal. “With the first 9dcc pop-up starting tonight, we are bridging the digital and physical worlds together. Now is time for the next chapter to start.”

    Jack of many trades, Gmoney loves to venture into different businesses. Not only does he buy/sell NFTs, but he also leads 2 major Web3 projects. Let’s get to know them!

    Gmoney Projects

    Admit One NFT 

    First, let’s go back to the roots of the deal. 

    In brief, CryptoPunks were becoming big in April 2021, with billboards and exposure in Miami. Furthermore, Gmoney saw the potential in NFTs and was convinced that it wouldn’t take big brands and companies long to transgress into Web3. And boy was he right! 

    At Bitcoin Miami in June 2021, Gmoney held a 3-day POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol) where he gave out free POAPs to everyone who “believed in him”. Then, he distributed them to his Podcast listeners, and people he crossed paths with IRL. 

    The utility of the POAPs? Exclusive access to the coveted “Adidas Into The Metaverse” NFT event. And it’s worth mentioning that Gmoney’s community was the only way in without buying the NFT. 

    Basically, Admit One is your only entry ticket into the Gmoney ecosystem. And the drop was a free mint, an ode to the Iconic CryptoPunks. Only 1,000n NFT tickets were available. And the creator distributed them as follows:

    • 212 curated members by gmoney.
    • 60 spots for partners and team members.
    • 30 spots for future distribution by gmoney.
    • 698 spots for eligible POAP holders.

    In detail, this membership NFT is valid for 3 years after the NFTs are first distributed. And not to mention the NFT royalties! The secondary royalty is set to 10%, and funds will be used to continue scaling the Gmoney team in order to deliver ongoing value to the Admit One community.  Finally, this community will be a center for participation in all things “Gmoney”. 

    Also, check out the VIP Admit One discord here! And for the full back story, read Gmoney’s iteration here!

    9dcc: NFT Luxury House

    This initiative is the “Most Revolutionary” yet. What’s the deal?

    In collaboration with consumer tech company IYK, 9dcc is the first-ever crypto-native luxury house and lifestyle platform. Moreover, It’s a new approach for the luxury sector, which is often looked at as too unreachable for a lot of people. Web3 is making luxury more accessible!

    In August 2022, 9dcc T-Shirts were minted exclusively for the Admit One community for a price of 0.3 ETH. There was a total supply of 1,111 of the ITERATION-01 NFTs available.

    Not to mention that 9dcc collaborated with one of the greatest NFT artists of our time! Coder, Artist, and Art Blocks creator Snowfro (Erick Calderon) joined forces with Gmoney and released the sequel drop “ITERATION-02” under the 9dcc name. The Pop-Up Shop is now open at Art Basel, Miami, and will remain open till December 3rd. 


    Gmoney is incredibly influential within the NFT space. That much is certain.  We can’t wait to witness how, if at all, his identity “reveal” will alter his Web3 standing. Although details about his true identity remain a mystery, for the time being, it will likely only be a matter of time till he is linked to his past ventures by the detectives of Web3. Stay tuned for more!


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